Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 5

Minifred Bartok was in the reinforced shelter beneath her bar. The safest location in the former bunker complex was ideally suited for storing her alcohol and her most precious commodity, information.

Another source had reported in, but still nothing on this Lukas/Quinn character. She still hesitated; he could be the perfect asset or the worst kind of liability. Someone with no past and his abilities could be a perfect recruit if he wasn’t already working for someone else.... She had given him the assignment to follow Harry Bonds to his contact. It was a risk, she could be blowing a valuable lead, but it would be a good test of his talents and his loyalties.

Upstairs Jimmy Croyden reviewed some documents and found the forgeries to be up to spec. Billy arrived and sat next to his younger brother -- one of the few people who would notice his arrival. “We have a sort of wrinkle regarding the banker.” Jimmy looked his brother in the eye; “wrinkle” was a euphemism Jimmy used to describe a shit storm, coming from the taciturn Billy, a “wrinkle” could be anything from a minor annoyance to the second invasion by the CEF. As it turned out, it was somewhere in between.

Campbell, the Kolson banker who made usual runs to Port Arthur had to reschedule and was not expected to make a appearance for another season at least. To the Croydens’ client, the masked fellow and the big one with the shot gun, this would translate to a breach of contract. ‘A setback was just pause to come up with a better plan’ the Croydens’ father used to say to them. As it turned out, he was right. By the next day, when the brothers explained the change of plan to Quinn and Kazzov, they could offer access to the banker in a secure location with direct computer interfaces to a financial institution, they had the paperwork for identification, two escape routes and an on-demand distraction at Kazzov’s disposal. It wasn’t what the client had asked for, it wasn’t in Port Arthur, but in many ways it was a better deal for the same price.

Mini watched as Quinn and Ennik made a quick decision over two shots of Wounder Rotgut. She hoped they went for it, she had invested a certain amount of her skills and resources into helping Jimmy and Billy pull this hopper out of hat. The Croydens would keep their contract, Kazzov would get what he wanted while getting out of the way, leaving Mini to watch how Quinn did with her little test. “Everybody wins” Jimmy enthused when Quinn and Kazzov had returned to the table to accept the amended proposal.

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