Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : The Flop

At first he wasn’t sure he was conscious or in a fitful dream. There was hollow absence of discernible sounds, like he was deaf or he was hearing only one loud sound akin to a continuously crashing wave. His eyes were no more use to him as they made out a darkness so complete that he thought it was blinding. He almost believed he could see a texture of light through the cloak of darkness and then the ringing began. The sensory effect was disorienting, as it was meant to be. Ti was suddenly very aware that he was under the effects of a stun grenade. Knowing that didn’t help much though, by his befuddled reckoning he had probably nearly lost consciousness and mere seconds had passed since he had been plunged into this state. Instinctively he sought cover knowing that such a grenade served only as a appetizer for more substantial fair.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This week's Wordslingin' is a double-header! Yes, friends, the last two sessions have consisted almost entirely of combat, which is great if you like rolling dice but less great if you like collecting quotes. The good news it that none of Our Heroes are severely wounded, the bad news is that it's looking like that'll change any second. Repeat after me: Where the heck is our air support?!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The plot continued to crawl forward yesterday, which mostly involved Lukas and Torgath figuring out how to extricate Lyta from the Forzi fembots. I'm not certain it occurred to them to just wait for her to get out on her own. In any case, things go down tomorrow (game-time) and until then, we've got some quotes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads end

Kohl stepped off the caravan he had been travelling on for the last 8 days. Clad in desert travel clothes, a large but fairly common satchel hung over his shoulder. His face had creases and his chin, stubble. His was neither tall nor handsome. Nothing set him apart from the other travellers arriving or departing Port Arthur. He had a name, a contact that would help him settle in and locate the target, one Harry Bonds. Like so much more dust, Kohl mixed into the urban sprawl.

Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 6

“Certainly, you are now tugging at my lower limb, and I am not meaning in the feather-duster-tight–leather-mask pleasant way either?” Oscar Luis Paeza exclaimed in his idiosyncratic and nearly incomprehensible manner. He had just spent a week travelling across the desert to get to Port Arthur and was now being told to turn around.

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 5

Minifred Bartok was in the reinforced shelter beneath her bar. The safest location in the former bunker complex was ideally suited for storing her alcohol and her most precious commodity, information.

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 4

Christina Kachelli sat on the bench in the atrium. Four of her girls were watching over her from a safe distance. When Gabrielle Summers arrived with her escort of two, there was a brief stand-off. The ladies met eyes and signaled for their security to relax. “This is a bit public for you, isn't it?” Christina asked, genuinely surprised to be meeting a spy in public.

“Park benches are trusted and true, no good spook hasn’t had a meeting or twenty on one. Are your forces ready?” Gabriel asked with her raspy voice. The NGIS section chief was easily 15 cycles younger than the Forzi Dona but they had a number of features in common: dark hair, nice legs, and cool dispositions. Beyond that, Summers was prettier, youth aside, and Kachelli, while cool, was know for outbursts--something the spy could not be accused of.

“They’re ready, as soon as I get the go-ahead on the target. I gotta tell you, I’m not too please with the changes.” Kachelli was looking around a little nervously.

“Then don’t consider it a change, think of it as a refinement. Northco dropped the ball, they wasted their assets, we were always behind the curtain, we have simply pulled it aside to assert direct control. Wouldn't you rather be dealing with me?” Summers asked with a vicious smile that left Kachelli with mixed feelings.

“The Forzi ain’t going to like seeing a bunch of bodies on the ground associated with them, even if they are just mooks. They’ll hold me responsible for the loss of face,” Katchelli said in a hushed but emphatic tone.

“Please don’t waste my time. Your concerns have already been noted, your protection after the operation is guaranteed. Now take this phone--I’ll call you in the next 36 hours with final instructions. By this time after tomorrow, you will be a very different person living a very wealthy life in the Confederacy. Good day, Ms. Katchelli.” With that, Gabriel Summers rose, smoothed out her pencil skirt and strolled away.

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Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 3

Dr Tomohiro Chambers feigned pleasant neutrality as he waited on Titan Corovan’s reaction to the information. They had not spoken in a week, and the last conversation they had had could have easily been their last if Ti wanted it to go that way.

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 2

The Mekong had this interesting form of entertainment, a performer would spin a plate on a stick, then raise another and another, until there were so many plates spinning in the air you would loose count. Major Stone couldn’t help making the comparison.

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 1

Henriette and Artoor Vovelle sat on their terrace sipping coffee; since their escape to Port Arthur, the Earther drink had become part of their new lifestyle. It was just one of many changes they had to adjust to, and, like coffee, not all of them were unpleasant.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last night saw lots of setup for the next big battle. Lyta's still a mole inside the Forzi, Todd has eyes (and guns) across the street, and Lukas... is off doing something completely different. No doubt something that will involve us shooting stuff next game.

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