Monday, August 4, 2008

Green Gang


Green Anton
Notable Personalities: see below
Strength: Company
Affiliations: Independent





Notable Personalities:

The Evil Eight
The Evil Eight are the main trouble-shooters for the Green Gang. That is, if they see that you're trouble, they will shoot you. Most of the E8 are WFPA deserters, all are hardened veterans of the War, and at least half are competent gear pilots.
NameArea of OperationsStatus
Barker MaxKhayr ad-DinTerminated
32 cycles from Fort James.  A cold, calm and thoughtful sniper.
Levi MasonKhayr ad-DinTerminated
45 cycles from Mainz, UMF.  A huge thug with no moral center.  He enjoys hitting people and shooting people.
Price RosettaKhayr ad-DinTerminated
36 cycles from Fort Henry.  Rosetta is as lethal as she is cruel.  She is a known drug addict, and explosives expert.  She'd be pretty, but for a nasty scar that drags all along the right side of her scalp.
SalomeKhayr ad-DinIn custody of UMF marshals
25 cycles, origin unknown.  Dark, moody and cruel, Salome is a gear duelist.  She hates everyone except her gear, a Cheetah Fang she has dubbed 'Blood.'  She is expected to do well in the upcoming tournament.
Shelly St. CroixKhayr ad-DinTerminated
36 cycles from Siwa Oasis.  This Southern expatriate is far too good looking for Khayr-ad Din, a fact that she is acutely aware of.  She is exceptionally good in a brawl.
Vasquez UlyssesKhayr ad-DinTerminated
28 Cycles from a farm near Fort Henry. Mean, lean and cruel.  He carries two pistols and knows how to use them.
Bill WestKhayr ad-DinTerminated
50 cycles, from Fort James.  Bill West is the leader of the Evil Eight, Green Anton's personal hatchetmen.  He is smart and he is resolute.  It's not that he's inherently an evil man, but the War did something to him.  Expect no mercy from this thin and lean cowboy. Bill took pleasure in slapping Gade around a few cycles back.
Joe WildeKhayr ad-DinTerminated
40, from Khayr-ad Din.  This KAD native is possibly the fastest draw in the Western Desert.  He also enjoys a good pistol whipping (on the giving end, naturally).


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