Friday, August 8, 2008

07 August 2008 Crossfires

From the SNS Network

“…And in local news, a tragic scene of horror in Khayr-ad Din. Yesterday at approximately 16:00 an unidentified group of men opened fire in the Bazaar using automatic weapons and witnesses say, a vehicle mounted machine gun.

Local peace officers, known as Lawgivers, are not commenting; local sources say that although violence is common in the trash town, this level of open hostilities has not been seen since Spider Jahmoon assumed local authority after a turf war in the last cycle.

Another event occurred last week involving heavy weapons fire and a hopper, but no civilian casualties were reported; because it took place in a remote area of Khayr-ad Din, local correspondents have been hesitant to draw a parallel between the two events.

The City is about to play host to a major event of Gear Dueling, one which SNS will be broadcasting around the globe. It has been speculated that this violence may be related to those gladiatorial games, however pundits counter such claims by saying that the Dueling Tournament has been organized in such a way as to deter open violence.

Witnesses have reported that two or three vehicles exchanges weapons fire from mounted heavy weapons and as many as a dozen armed individuals fired indiscriminately into the crowd of the bazaar with small automatic weapons. There has been a public outcry for a swift response from local authorities, which are hardly in a position to do any real policing. Jahmoon has made public assurances that the streets of Khayr-ad Din will be safe for visitors for the duration of the tournament.

Whatever the cause or whomever the parties responsible, it will certainly live as a day of infamy as over 40 people are dead and more than 100 are injured.

Meanwhile, in Peace River, tension’s a growing still higher as the final elections….”


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