Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two Speeches: Redux

Emir Bolivar Inoto III, on the occasion of the Khayr-ad Din Dueling Circuit Gala event, on the evening of the 15th of Summer, TN1919:

My friends. Welcome to my home, aboard the Prophet's Dream! Tonight we honour those of you who are about to engage in gladiatorial combat in Heavy Gears. Heavy Gear Dueling has a long and honourable history, and this tournament shall only add to its proud traditions. I wish you all good luck and many happy returns. And now, it is my pleasure and honour to introduce to you all your patron, the founder of the Khayr-ad Din Heavy Gear Dueling Circuit, Saddik Jahmoon!

Saddik "The Spider" Jahmoon:

Thank you, your highness, for this wonderful event, your beautiful landship, and your patronage. Duelists, friends, Northerners, Southerners, Badlanders, I welcome you all to Khayr-ad Din, the city of trash. This is a proud place, with deep, profound traditions and a fierce joie de vivre that is unmatched anywhere on this planet. But it is also a dark place, a place of pain and of sorrow. It was here that the settlement of Monroe met its end in a White Sand tempest we call the Great Tempest. And it is here that the polar governments began dumping their trash, hoping to bury the legacy of Monroe and those who perished. But we have persevered. And it is my vision for Khayr-ad Din that has brought us all together tonight. A city with something to export, with something that makes us all sit up and take notice, is a city worth saving. So I present to you the Dueling Circuit. This is what will make Khayr-ad Din great. This is what will turn the city of trash into the rough diamond of the Badlands. This will be the centre of Heavy Gear dueling on Terranova, so long as we nurture young duelists and protect established competitors.

Yes, I know that this is gladiatorial dueling I am talking about. Yes, pilots do die. I will not mince words: some of you will die. It is the nature of our competition. But I ask only this: do not murder. Rivalries are healthy, but vendettas are not. Our Dueling Circuit will not be a bloodthirsty one. You must remember that the entire world will be watching you compete. Every match in this tournament counts. Every underhanded move will be seen by viewers the world over. Your honour is at stake. Remember that.


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