Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Khayr-ad Din, 8-9 Summer, TN1919:

"Yep, there they are." Kain shook his head, and Bill that thought he detected a note of disappointment. "These Granis guys are good at leaning on traders and running their protection games, but they are not good spies." He pointed to where the Granis strong men were observing the caravan from the dubious cover of a second storey window. "I've half a mind to slip in there for a little close knife work, but I don't want to sabotage the Doctor's efforts at negotiation."

Bill nodded sagely. "They're not acting too aggressively, so you're probably right in not provoking anything."

"Still, I hate to see bad surveillance go unpunished...." He and Bill had seen their share. The Green Gang were a little sharper; they had very neatly followed the parts-expedition, and shot a few (more) holes in the caravan. There had been no covert means of alerting the caravaners to the danger, which Kain had calculated to be negligible anyway. The Greens were more interested in harassment than killing. They knew it didn't pay to pluck the strands of the Spider's web.

"Do you think we've seen enough? I mean, the Doc seems capable and all...well, he tries hard anyway, but don't you think we should rejoin the caravan?"

Kain squinted against the glare. The Granis men were abandoning their post. "I reckon we've done enough. We have good intel on both of our adversaries, and I'm confident that the status quo is stable enough for the time being. With our little bolthole all set up, I think we've done what we needed to. And it is time to get things back together. Don't want the Doc cracking up; one spun member of the team is enough." The problem of Sam Tarmalin had yet to provide itself with an easy solution. And Sandra was near as crazy. Well, twitchy, anyway.

The Granis exited the building. One of them clumsily jostled a pile of debris coming around the back of the building, setting off a junkslide that threw up a tremendous clatter and cloud of dust.



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