Thursday, August 7, 2008

Game Thug's Bookshelf


Heavy Gear 2nd Ed Rulebook
Aircraft & Aerial Warfare
Tactical Field Support - Artillery & Ground Warfare
Into The Badlands
Southern Army List #1 - Honor, Glory & Steel
Southern Vehicles Compendium #1 - Gears & Striders
A.S.T. Leaguebook #1 - Southern Republic
Southern Vehicle Compendium Two
Southern Milicia Army List
Life on Terra Nova 2nd Ed
Technical Manual 2nd Ed
Duelist's Handbook - Champions & Daredevils (2nd Ed)
Equipment Catalog
Northern Guard Army List
Tac Pack 1: Battle of Two Towers
Tac Pack 2: Shadow War
Tac Pack 3: Operation Sudden Fire


Tactical Dueling
Gamemaster Guide and Screen 2nd Ed
CEF Sourcebook
Raids and Raiders
Northern Vehicle Compendium One
Northern Vehicle Compendium Two
The Paxton Gambit
Character Compendium

Northern Vehicles Field Guide 1
Northern Vehicles Field Guide 2
Southern Vehicles Field Guide 1
Southern Vehicles Field Guide 2


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