Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day With Sam

1. Another nightmare. Another night of bullets and blood and the bodies of my friends. Doc says I need rest to get better, but what he don't get is, any more rest'll kill me dead. Alone in my bed with Father Lelland and Koldur and Preston Hill rotting to bits all around me, I can't take that shit anymore. Gotta drown it out. Gotta get away.

* * *

2. All I do is shoot people. All I do is get people shot. I'm like a gun. Can a gun have friends? I don't want Kain to get shot. Or Gade, or the Doc, or Ellen oh god Ellen don't die bleeding in my arms, don't die Ellen, don't die, I can't save you, I can't save you...

All I can do is shoot people. All I can do is get people shot.

* * *

3. Been drinking for a while, now, but it isn't working yet. I can still see Father Lelland spitting blood. I can still see that Gilmore kid trying to find his leg with red little fingers. I can still see poor old Sam Tarmalin holding in his guts, bleeding out on the basement floor. Why isn't it working? Why is shooting the only thing that lets me forget? Two more hours till work. Two more hours until I can shoot again.

Two more hours with Father Lelland, with PFC Gilmore, with poor old gut-shot Sam Tarmalin.

* * *

4. This asshole wants a gun duel? Can't he see I'm busy having a drink with my ghosts? I managed to get rid of Gilmore, I think one more drink might do it for Koldur...

A gun duel ain't shooting. It's waiting, and thinking, and thinking, and thinking. About Preston Hill sitting bleeding against the outside wall of the bar. About Koldur lying crushed under a burning car. About Ellen wheezing, wheezing, trying to breathe with a punctured lung. Why won't this fucker draw already?!

Don't fucking shoot my holster, you asshole, shoot me, shoot *me*! A gun is for shooting people! A gun is for getting people shot!

* * *

5. I open the door and leave the world behind -- there's work to do. Costume, gear check, prepwork... There's a rhythm.
two, three
two, three
two, three
No time to think. Gotta shoot.

* * *

6. Time for bed. The gang isn't here yet, but they will be by morning. Goodnight, PFC Gilmore. Goodnight, Preston Hill. Good night, Koldur, and good night, Father Lelland.

Good night, Sam Tarmalin. See you all tomorrow.


Game Thug said...


This is what I'm talking about.

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