Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Gala: 15 Summer, TN1919. Tessa Lin's Diary

Dear diary,
I know, I know, I said that I wouldn’t write in you anymore, that I was too
old, but last night absolutely needs to be, I don’t know, like documented
for posterity or something. Like when I am old and 30 or something, I’ll
want to know what it was like to be young and going to my first ball. Of
course, by then I’ll be rich or powerful or both, but whatever.

So without further a due, it was cosmic! We all paraded around in our
fineries before leaving the caravan to go to this huge landship parked
right in town! I was wearing this super pretty dress with real horn
stiffeners and pink lace frills. We traded for it with the Merkado clan who
brought it from a homestead that just makes these super special dresses, I
was really lucky to get one or I might have got something from Timmins oh!
I mean Natty looked amazing all in purple, but I don’t think I will ever
dress like that, plus she totally got called on it by some old hag later.
Anyway, the emir had his gears on parade with neat little capes, so cool.
We were announced, it was so grand, and then the people, so many people.
All the gentlemen wearing fine black suits and woman in stunning gowns.
Most were polar styles so nobody looked as good as me, well almost nobody.
Unfortunately I got stuck with a chaperon, so unfair, except that
Carmichael let me drink which was pretty OK I guess. Eventually he made a
fool of himself and went all nutty on some corp dudes and they threw him
out. It was hilarious. I think the Doc tried to stop them, he was like gone
for a week and then suddenly there last night. I think he’s in trouble or
something because everybody was really cold towards him, especially Ellen
who looked totally gorgeous on Kain’s arm, in his fancy military tux, he
told me it was called something else but I can’t be expected to remember
everything he says. I think somebody important made a pass at her and Kain
totally kicked his ass, it was so cool. They had these fantastic
chandeliers and a live band and Gade, Oh prophet, he went up and had them
play some fantastic music and he went out there and danced with Natty and
Kain and Ellen too and the Doc and Karin, she looked really good
considering she wasn’t supposed to come, but I was glad to have her here
with me;) The Doc can really dance! Who would have thought from such a
stuffy guy? Karin says he bored her half to death with all his business
talk and contacts. We saw the Emir make a speech and the Spider, he’s kinda
hot, the Spider, not the emir, all scary and a lot younger than I thought
the way everybody talk about him all the time.

I think Natty drank too much because the Doc had to take her home, she and
Gade are so cool, she totally let him stay and have fun but he was such a
gentleman, I could tell he didn’t have as much fun without her. Oh My
Prophet, Gade shaved! Like with a blade and wore clean clothes and ..and,
words just fail me. :-o


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