Monday, August 18, 2008

Consolidated NPC List


New Baja Town & Environs:

Reginald Xiao: deceased, former mayor of Baja
Ali Hassan: trader and black marketeer
Julie Pojhola: waitress, spy and Doctor Chambers’ main squeeze. Her daughter, Lita, is 15 cycles old.
Dr. Milton Gregor: a WFP doctor who has lived in Baja for 30 cycles
Kiera DeValmont: deceased. She discovered the caves that Baja now occupies
Lazarus Duq: deceased. An SRID agent posing as DeValmont’s assistant, who later murdered her.
Anastasia “Stacy” Slebovitz: one of New Baja’s ablest mechanics.  Now reloacated to KAD.
Lloyd Dunn: current mayor of New Baja.
Lt. Armin Khalidi: Former MILICIA garrison commander of the Baja Spaceport. Current whereabouts unknown.
Edgar Lao: A local rancher that was the eyes and ears of the Regulators in the Karak Wastes.
Sous-Ambassadeur Theodor Bobiens: head of the AST mission to Baja. Currently leading the AST embassy in New Baja.
4th Tier Preceptor Rushal Lianeri: a member of the Hehli Humanist Alliance resistance who helped develop New Baja underground and underwater. She has returned home to the underground city of Gardena, HA.
Maya Schwer: a homesteader who lives near Kolmar Station and New Baja.
Sorrento Revisionist Orphanage in New Baja: A well-meaning and down-to-earth organization run by a humble, friendly priest named Brother Herbertson. This orphanage and mission took in many, many children after the Battle of Baja.
Swanscombe Jerusalemite Orphanage and Mission in New Baja: Though this organization’s record in the aftermath of the Battle of Baja is spotless, Mother Ingrid is too stridently matriarchal to consider her overly friendly.

Father Nathani Lelland: Deceased 40 Spring TN1919. The Regulators’ and Caravan’s spiritual rock. Killed in Malachi Flats.
Avatanya Brom: Regulator and Caravan crew. Brom is very competent and ornery.
Katalina Steinman: deceased. KIA 23 Summer TN1918 in the Iron Renegade’s ambush
Ethan Dunn: Lloyd Dunn’s eldest son, former Regulator, and currently an electronics tech in New Baja.
Peter Smit: former gear racer on the Innsbruck Death Track 1000, Regulator and Caravan Crew.
Dan Huang: Deceased. KIA 23 Summer TN1918
Josephina Dragushan: Heavy weapons gunner, very competent. Regulator and Caravan Crew
Thornton Will: Deceased, KIA 23 Summer, TN1918
Kelly Lebeaux: Infantry commander of Regulators and Caravan crew.
Sheldon Crawford: Regulator and now New Baja police detective
William Barton Pearce: Regulator/Caravan. Information and urban tracking
Koldur: Sandrider, Regulator. MIA – presumed dead 30 Summer TN1918 in pursuit of Leah Dorchuk
Lenny Green: Regulator, currently New Baja Police Chief
Leah Dorchuk: Regulator, SRID informant. KIA 30 Summer TN1918 after murdering Lazarus Duq and attempting to make off with a data disk.
Ricardo Villas: deceased. KIA 23 Summer TN1918
Emile Brahms: deceased. KIA 32 Summer, TN1918, killed fighting the New Baja Gang at Kolmar Station
Jochanan Eldar: deceased. KIA 23 Summer, TN1918
Thomas Knox: Medic, Regulator/Caravan crew.
Ari Mendelbaum: Gear pilot, Regulator/Caravan Crew
Anson Nuyen: Hopper Pilot. Current whereabouts unknown
Piotre Kanatka: Hopper co-pilot. Current whereabouts unknown

Caravan Crew:
Tessa Lin: budding mechanic. Ran away from New Baja
Karin Hassan: Ali Hassan’s eldest daughter. Ran away from New Baja
Trishaw Carmichael: Heavy Gear engineer. WFPA veteran.
Benjamin Cantor: failed Southern revolutionary, successful anti-CEF Resistance leader
Natalia Meredine: KAD sneak thief and electronics specialist.
Ellen Cranby: Sam Tarmalin’s surrogate little sister. Legal/bureaucratic aide to Dr. Chambers.
Silas Mychels: Imashen driver
Diego Tucker: Imashen driver
Silia Perry: Imashen driver
Pankat Loran: Imashen driver
Jiprat Loran: Imashen driver
Prabal Nandy: Computer hacker and cryptograph/cryptology expert

Peace River:

Claude Marlenoix: SRID station chief in Peace River. His cover is that of a restaurant owner. He is honourable and seems to think that the SRID operation to take over Baja was wrong. His right hand man is a gunfighter named Wilkins.

Could Go Either Way:
Major Lenaris of PaxSec
Helena Hitachi of Peace River

Khayr ad-Din:

Guillaum Chen & Scooter McGee: two KAD salvage experts. Their help is contingent on being protected and being exclusive salvage suppliers to the dueling team.
Zania al-Humad: a brilliant computer theorist and ONNet salvager. She is a friend of Natalia and Gade’s.


Green Anton, the Evil Eight and the Green Gang of KAD:  Destroyed utterly

Could Go Either Way:
Siri Argell: KAD forger
Mishka Vernon: Deceased; KAD forger
Alister Granis: Granis boss in KAD and Westphalia
Kim Bistrotta – KAD Gear dueling agent

Percival “Percy” Zalatos – The Bazaar/Traders’ Way Lieutenant for The Spider of KAD
Doc Fen Bu – KAD parts trader
Shilo Kim - circus entrepreneur: Sam's new boss. Really good at bribery, viral marketing, and dealing with circus folk.
Ichiro Woo: a real estate manager for the Spider in Khayr-ad Din. Aside from knowing the ins and outs of the city, his only claim to fame is that he's a dwarf.

Various Places:

Elias Grayson: SNS reporter, currently in Peace River.

The Araman People: grateful but isolated
John Maddox and the Imashen People: grateful, living in the Western Desert.
Bill "Brick" Norita: A large, friendly man who was in the anti-Earth Resistance in Timmins. He is friends with his former Resistance leader, Ben Cantor.

Andrei Perl of the SRID
Ulrich Gellin of the Granis Cartel. Deceased.

Iron Renegades: mercenary operation that was active in the Karak Wastes. They were led by a man named Jeffrey Thompson.
Sandra Jolaine: expert gunhand.

Could Go Either Way:
Eli Brown of the Forzi Cartel - Timmins

Theodorus “Teddy” Loranga and the Loranga Caravan Clan
The Melana Clan of Kolmar Station
The Kidamo Caravan Clan
Marshal Samuels Lee – WFPA agent who is tracking down the Green Gang.Jay Reynolds - circus performer: Sam's new coworker. Really good at reading people, performing, and tumbling (i.e. physical comedy).


Could Go Either Way:
Leigh Portman of Portman Traders, Swanscombe, UMF (Forzi operation)


Eastern Sun Emirates:


Game Thug said...

Your brain forgot:

Claude and Wilkins, Sorrento Revisionist and Swanscombe Jerusalemite Missions, Baker St. Irregulars, Georges' NPCs, Julie's daughter, Zania, the NBG survivors, Kantor's friends....

Charlie Bottoms said...

You also forgot:

Jay Reynolds, circus performer -- Sam's new coworker. Really good at reading people, performing, and tumbling (i.e. physical comedy).

Shilo Kim, circus entrepreneur -- Sam's new boss. Really good at bribery, viral marketing, and dealing with circus folk.

I see both in "could go either way".

Heavy Josh said...

Usually we actually play the NPC's before we put them on the big list of NPC's...

Anyways, I'm sure the Shangri-La Circus will come up sooner or later.

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