Friday, July 30, 2010


This week's session of Heavy Gear sees Our Heroes (tm) leaving the swamps of Okavango... only to plot our return to assassinate the Emir. Everyone who thought we were crazy before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

[Sometimes, answers depend on how you ask the question.]
Matt: "Is it working?"
Josh the GM: "It's not not working."

[It's so hard to keep track of secret identities sometimes...]
Kain: "What's your new fake name? As opposed to your old fake name."

[I bet Scotty had this. And Han Solo, for that matter.]
Matt: "I should have taken a specialization in 'kicking things 'till they work.'"

[Quoth our resident gunslinger.]
Ariel: "I'm trying to end this with minimal losses of old peasants."
Brock: "Really? You're the only one."

[When one little silent letter makes all the difference.]
Kain: "Someone control the plan... plane!"

[Gade escaped from a weapons' cache, which was being watched by the Southern Republic Intelligence Directorate (SRID). Of course, the weapons are still there...]
Maia: "No one's stupid enough to go in twice."
Sam: "No one's alive enough to go in twice."

[Thinking up ways to disguise Gade so that the SRID continues to think he's dead.]
Kain: "Nothing says 'incredible disguise' like one arm. You right-handed or left-handed?"

[Not helping our cause here, Doc. Not helping our cause.]
Jonas, gatekeeper of Emir Bhravo's 'Thousand Man March': "We don't allow any weapons."
Doc: "Do you have any means of enforcing that?"

[It's the little things that impress Kain.]
Gade: "The trick to earning Kain's respect is to take out a Gear, on foot, without a gun. We've all done it."

[Kain and Doc discuss the possibility of Maia escaping, or at least calling in reinforcements.]
Kain: "The only people she could call knowingly sent her with us."

[The only way to see the true face of a person is to see him angry, I guess.]
Doc: "Let's do a stress test. Shoot someone in the face."

[Do you know who we are? DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?!?]
Doc: "His level of authority doesn't apply to us."

[Yet again, one of those rolls I've never seen in 10+ years of gaming.]
Josh the GM: "Roll your 'fondle casually.'"

[Glad to see you're starting things off on the right foot with the NPCs, Kain.]
Dekko, NPC bodyguard of Emir Bhravo: "Sam said you were a right gentleman."
Kain: "That's a lie."

[Details, details. Don't bother me with the details!]
Doc: "Kain, you're making a scene."
Kain: "A small scene."
Doc: "It's a small tent."

[Every single other player was convinced that we were going to have to fight our way out of the tent after this line. Thankfully, Emir Bhravo has a sense of humor.]
Sam: "Maybe you should try something I've done a few times: die. Each time I died, it made my life better."

[Gade is disguised as a monk.]
Kain: "We're not sure, but we think he's taken a vow of silence."
Doc: "Either that, or he doesn't like us."

[What do you do when you can't talk but you have something really important to say?]
Matt: "It is time for interpretive dance!"

[Note to self: think through plans...]
Kain: "How do you feel about jumping out of airplanes?"
Maia: "Is that the sort of thing you're going to ask me to do? And will I have a parachute?"
Kain: "Parachutes... Note to self: get parachute."

And that's it for this week! Wordslingin' returns in three weeks, after the Pennsic War! (Where there will probably be an utter dearth of guns.)


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