Saturday, July 3, 2010


The game on Thursday night consisted of a covert operation that rapidly turned far less covert, as we infiltrated Emir Thoras' palace to rescue the PCs' friends and totally fail to assassinate the Emir. In the process, many of us were wounded, but at least we made a lot of things go boom.

[This is why we don't leave the strategic planning to Sam.]
Sam: "Second exit: we bake ourselves into a cake."

[Quoth our resident gunslinger.]
Sam: "I'm morally comfortable with not killing people."

[The sign of any good plan.]
Georges: "We have to somehow work in flying dump trucks."

[Someone hasn't been reading their Hitchhiker's Guide.]
Kain: "You know what? Just panic."

[Sam's impression of swimming in swamp water.]
Sam: "It feels like I'm being licked by a large land mammal."

[As we're swimming through the tunnels, we get attacked by a giant shark.]
Josh the GM: "You're panicking."
Brock: "I think that's reasonable."

[You gotta know where your priorities lie.]
Brock: "I hope it's a shark, 'cause I'm gonna make boots!"

[Maia, not particularly happy to be in the water at the best of times, realizes there's a giant shark in there with us.]
Julie: "If you get me killed, I'm gonna come back from the dead and haunt you."

[Discussing how to deal with the sharks on the way back.]
Brock: "We may want to reevaluate our exit strategy."
Georges: "No."
Ariel: "We'll just bring a flamethrower."
Georges: "Yes."

[Kain takes point as we're traveling through the secret tunnels. The booby-trapped secret tunnels.]
Kain: "Flame trap. Not so obvious. I'm still good."

[Sam manages to kill the two guards at the security checkpoint before either of them trip the alarm. On the other hand, only one of their uniforms is salvageable.]
Georges: "I'm disappointed in that success."

[Ah, the joys of explosive charges.]
Georges: "This is why we brought these things, right?"
Brock: "In addition to general mayhem and destruction."

[Guards are coming down the stairwell to attack us. Sam keeps killing them. He attempts to parley.]
Sam: "Stop coming down the stairs and you'll stop dying!"

[Kain, who previously had been completely against the Kill-the-Emir mission, suddenly finds himself tempted. Josh the GM goads him.]
Josh the GM: "Special operations chocolate gold with cherries on top!"

[Kain is still tempted.]
Brock: "Legendary four-man assault! One of the men is a woman!"

[Among Ben Cantor's first words to his rescuers.]
Ben (to Doc): "You're looking well for an evil imperialist capitalist type."

[Still on the topic of potentially assassinating the Emir.]
Georges (aside): "I can't believe Ben's talking us out of this."
Ben: "That being said..."
Doc: "No, no. You were supposed to stop right there."

[One thing we've learned in these tunnels is that there's ALWAYS a secret door.]
Josh the GM: "It's a dead end."
Georges: "We don't believe in dead ends."

[Sometimes the best way to deal with missing PCs is to just gloss things over.]
Ben: "Where's Gade? I thought he'd be here for sure."
Doc: "So did we."

[Referring to his GM screen.]
Josh the GM: "This is the fortress of solitude and sanity."

[As part of our escape, Kain is forced to kill an innocent bystander. Brock argues that if she hadn't been there, she wouldn't have been killed.]
Brock: "Josh killed that woman. It wasn't me at all."
Georges: "You're a sick GM."

[It's so hard to find good help these days.]
Doc: "Open up!"
Random Solicitor #1: "I was told not to let anyone in!"
Doc: "By me!"

[For the better part of 20 minutes, Ariel was asking for Sam to find a stapler. He finally did. At least he put it to good use.]
Sam: "Close your eyes or I'll have to staple them shut."

[It's good to know your options.]
Josh the GM: "If you fail, you fall onto hard concrete 40-50 meters below."
Georges: "Then failure is not an option."

[Georges pulled off an incredible roll, and tossed a grenade straight into the engine jet of a hopper that was attacking us. It starts to go down.]
Brock: "Can it land on the Emir? That'd be great."

[Foreign Language, 1 point.]
Brock: "What's 'mayday' in Larabic?"
Julie: "Aiee!"

[This is not necessarily true.]
Georges: "It's only a legend if we survive."

[Quick! We're running out of alphabet!]
Brock: "This is plan D. It's a fluid environment."

[Ooh! Low blow, Sam!]
Ben: "Well, it's not the worst-executed plan we've ever seen."
Sam: "Yes, that was yours, Ben."

Next time, we enact a James-Bond-esque getaway across the canals of Okavango! See you in three weeks!


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