Friday, July 23, 2010

22 July 2010 - Medical Log


26W 1935

Dr T.M. Chambers


It’s been a while, but with this many patients, I better start keeping track again, that and I don’t seem to be going anywhere. I though I would be done with this ordeal once we had sprung Ben, Jo, Teg and Pete. No I didn’t, I’m lying to myself, I rationalized it would be over, but I felt it wouldn’t be.

Of the lot, Ben seems the best insulated from physical trauma, but he would have been the best prepared for extended captivity. Teg has suffered repeated haematoma and deep tissue damage; of course he would have been an obvious target for physical abuse given his size. I haven’t given Josephina an in depth examination but she has been very quiet and the potential for sexual assault is depressingly probable given the duration of captivity and social norms of the ESE. I can start by asking the men if she was ever isolated before pursuing that line of investigation, see if she forms a rapport with Maia too.

LOG NOTE: brush up on victim psychomotor responses for passive clinical diagnosis.

I’m worried about Pete, he has indications of chronic trauma, possibly misaligned fractures, certainly soft tissue damage in need of long term care and possible surgical intervention. I’m going to have to get him under a field medical scanner at least, a real hospital would be better.

Poor bastards, even after all they went through they are still motivated to pursue the mad cause. They seem relatively stable psychologically. The irony is that although their ideals probably helped keep them sane in captivity, it has now because so entrenched as a survival mechanism that ideology may have morphed into psychological compensation and delusional displacement.

LOG NOTE: research PTSD and prolonged captivity case studies.



My eyes shut there for a while, even with the full moon coming through the cockpit window. It’s been an insanely long day. I can’t believe it all happened today: the swim in, the sharks.

LOG NOTE: research swamp shark repellent.

The tunnels, finding our friends alive, the trap the insane getaway. That hopper! Maia suffered a severe GSW during the escape, it is stable but will require a few weeks to stabilize completely. Sam took another hit as well, compounding his earlier wounds inflicted by, well, me. That boy needs a week in bed. Kain suffered several shot as well, but nothing major, though those 9mm sniper shots and close proximity grenades may have causes some deep bruising and mild concussion.

As for me, I’m fine. No shots, no bruising, no psychological trauma, I’m tired but otherwise quite unaffected. The NuCol extraction team was a bit of a surprise, I wish they had gone about it more openly, I am willing to face charges, I am willing to take responsibility for de decisions I make, made. So why am I in a hopper heading towards Cimmaro to meet Bhravo? Because Kain convinced me that’s why. Meet Bhravo, find out what kind of man, boy, he is and decide if he is a less repugnant option than the current Emir of Oka. The nub of Kain’s argument is that if I have to face charges back in the Badlands, better to come back as a hero; a revolutionary for the common man fighting oppression. It’s the height of hypocrisy, I’m contemplating overthrowing a government for the sake of my own PR campaign. I don’t even know if I care about the hypocrisy, or my image, the ESE, I don’t know if I care about anything? Yeah, I’m fine.



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