Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm going to Battalion to see if I can get some dirty movies...

Gade found Kain looking over the Dragonfly's controls. "Is it me, or is the Doc getting rougher with his exams?"

Kain looked up and then seemed to catch his words in his mouth. Maybe the scars are worse then he thought, if it gave Kain pause. “So,” Gade finished slipping on his tank top, “did I ever tell you about the guy in the place with the thing?”

“Well, I confess that I’m a little curious as to where you came from, out of the blue like that.” Kain's face slipped back neutral expression Gade was used to. “Not that I'm complaining, but you finding us like that was a little unexpected.”

“As I already told you, Bill informed me you guys were here in Okavango. Then I just followed the explosions.”

“Yes, well, what say you go over what happened to your chest. I suspect it'll be a little more interesting.”

“You, sir, have no idea.... After we left Basal, I knew we couldn't leave well enough alone, so I put the word out that I was looking to help. Some associates of Nigil Shirow contacted me with some potential work.” Gade flopped down in the copilot’s seat and put his feet up on the console.

“Turns out Emir Shirow is on the side of the people, and got word of a stock pile of weapons and supplies that could be put to use for the revolt. A big stock pile...holed up in some warehouse in Raleigh. Only problem was, unbeknown to us it, was being watched by the SRID. Everyone I brought with me died, including me, thanks to an agent with a shotgun....”

“Wait-- what do you mean, ‘even you’?”

“Well, as I mentioned: shotgun at close range. After that I pretty much blanked out, only to wake up later in some Raleigh Medical Center.” Gade took a moment to adjust the auto-pilot's course. “Turns out some SRID agents got brought back alive as well, only to die on the operating table. I swapped charts and snuck out. Once I got my hands on a phone I contacted Bill to find you guys. As it happens SRID believes their agent went AWOL and I got marked as dead. It's gonna be fun showing them otherwise.”

“So let me get this straight: The SRID is watching a stockpile of weapons, thinks you are dead, and probably doubts our knowledge of everything?”

“Pretty much”

“Heh,” Kain leaned back in his chair. “I suppose we'll have to mention to the others why you should remain dead. And you’ll need a disguise of some sort…. And tell me--what's in the warehouse?”

“Ah, you'll like this part....”


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