Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle...


The word caused a dread-filled silence to descend on the little operations center. When the boss said "interesting", he meant "you peons of mine are about to slave away like worker skags until further notice."

"Very interesting."

There was an audible gulp.

"It seems the trap we set was almost foolproof. There was a jail-break in the Emirate Palace of Okavango. A high value revolutionary cell was extracted, not ten minutes ago. Any guesses?"

"Cantor, Dragushan, Smit, Teg," came the reply. Someone began typing furiously.

"Very good," the boss replied, licking his lips, "bring up the cell camera."

The entire operations room sat silently as Kain DeLacroix and Doctor Chambers exchanged pleasantries with Ben Cantor on the screen.

"This is the only recording we have of them until they appear again in the Solicitors Wing of the palace compound," a surveillance specialist reported.

"Well?" the boss issued the challenge.

"They infiltrated as pilgrims or servants."

"Unlikely," then a pause, "where do they appear on the Solicitor wing camera?"

"Coming up from the basement."

"So, it looks like the Emir has no idea what sort of tunnels exist under his palace. You see, ladies and gentlemen, this is why the Emirates are a backwater. The leadership is lazy, complacent, decadent. One can certainly admire Shirow for his vision," Andrei Pearl chuckled, "so, DeLacroix, Chambers, Tarmalin, and this Kessler woman from Peace River are in Okavango. They've managed to bust out their friends, and they're probably making good their escape into the city."

"Yes sir. Your orders?" the entire SRID operations center was waiting for Andy Pearl's word before springing into action.

Pearl's eyes narrowed.

I warned you Kain.

"What's the status of our friends?"

"On standby."

"Activate them. Their orders are to observe, not engage. Leak this to NuCoal. Let's see how they move in."


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.