Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Bezio is a tiny independent mining town and caravan supply stop high in the Pacifica Mountain Range, east of Timmins. It is truly a one-horse town, with multiple warehouses for storing caravan supplies and whatever worthwhile ore and minerals are extracted from the surrounding mountains.

In the mountains nearby is a tribe of technologically primitive people called the Araman. They live a semi-nomadic, light agricultural lifestyle. The Araman represent a perfect example of the Terranovan phenomenon of Artificial Prehistory. This is the result of extensive, long-term independent colonization on a planet known for its isolating distances.

The Araman people are proficient in herbal medicine. Their mythology has lately been shaken up with sightings of GRELs two cycles ago (after the War): The 'Godlings' are clearly from the sky, and the Araman must steer clear of them. God abandoned the Araman on Terranova (they call it Neuvelt) and swore never to return for his wayward children. But the Godlings are nothing compared to the appearance of a falling star which streaked across the sky and disappeared in the horizon in the West, sometime in TN1917.


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