Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Seminola is a small mining town in the western foothills of the Pacifica Mountains, further south of Timmins. Population is roughly 300 people, nearly all miners or farmers. The town consists of a main street cutting through a commercial neighbourhood to the north. To the south is the miner's tent city, which is a much rougher and disorganized place.

The town is currently reeling from the murder of some of its lawmen, the occupation of the town by the MILICIA, and the sudden disappearance of the town mayor, Yonina Kalo.

Notable individuals include Jeremiah Harris, an honest, hardworking, if simple-minded dry goods merchant with a large family, and Dr. Henri Grier, an 83-year old expatriate from the Southern Republic. Grier has been adopted into the Harris family after living quietly in Seminola as a political exile. Grier was a professor to Kain Delacroix and Ben Cantor.


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