Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kolmar Station

Kolmar Station is a medium sized oasis tower on the Peace River-New Baja caravan route and the site of many trading caravan meetings. The station sits atop Kolmar Cliff, which overlooks a collapsed MacAllen Tunnel canyon below. The view is spectacular. The station's design is unique in that it is a normal tapered cylindrical oasis tower, except that the cliff-side facing is flush with the cliff: the station looks like it's been sliced cleanly.

Kolmar Station is run by the Melana Clan, who number about 40 individuals. The station has a bar, a couple of gear and vehicle bays and a large market which serves the various homesteads in the region. There is only one main entrance in and out of the station, rather than two.

Kolmar Station has the following establishments:

The Rock Skag: A larger watering hole near the vehicle decks. It's lived in, grimy, but not particularly horrible. The sun gets reflected down to that level, so it's not too dark. Milton Douek runs the Skag, and at 85 cycles he doesn't tolerate much, usually suggesting that troublemakers leave while he points a shotgun at them.

Klint Kartwright is the owner of the local Hermes72 network uplink franchise, something he's managed to work out with the Melanas.

The Scrapyard: owned and operated by the Rowe family (15 souls). The scrapyard sprawls out along the northern side of the station and runs out along the cliff top. It's getting large enough now that it's been jokingly referred to as the Khayr-ad Din Embassy.

The central plaza is open and there are at least six different inns and hotels. At most times there are 200 people here, all transient, passing through Kolmar Station.

The bottom levels: Dark, dank and dangerous, the Melana clan keeps this area closed off as they work hard to fix the water purifiers, the backup generator and life support, in an effort to bring Kolmar Station up to TNTR standards.


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