Thursday, March 2, 2017


A shoot-out at a White Rock airport? It’s like déjà vu all over again, except this time we got out without getting arrested. Baby steps, people. Baby steps…

[We prepare for the mission of the session: dealing with Preceptor Maz Valine of White Rock, our final candidate for the Comptroller.]
Brock: “Given that we have hours in the aircraft, we can ask Radsley and Gorash their opinion for how to get into White Rock.”
Zac: “We could spend the whole session in those conversations.”
Julie: “But probably shouldn’t.”
Brock: “Or we could just get Georges to give us the answer.”

[It’s good to have your scapegoats ready ahead of time.]
Brock: “Anything Dawn does wrong will inevitably be blamed on Torgath.”

[There is only one right answer to this question.]
Zac: “Okay, do we wanna take the hopper into—”
Brock: “Yes.”

[The problem with bringing the hopper is that we don’t want to leave it unattended, and there are only a few people who can fly it.]
Julie: “Do we trust Dawn to stay alone with the hopper?”
Brock: “No, we don’t.”

[We leave Fennec with the hopper and bring Dawn with us into White Rock.]
Brock: “Lukas disguises Dawn as Fennec. She’s immediately arrested by the Alliance.”

[We arrive in White Rock.]
Brock: “We meet up with Ti. It’s still awkward.”

[With Ti are Roxanne and Karima, two members of our B-team that took out Lucian Jacobi.]
Ti Corovan: “Roxanne, Karima, this is Jax, Kes, and… a friend.”
Gabrielle Summers: (brightly) “I’m Dawn!”

[A little backstory exposition.]
Julie: “Dawn is happy-go-lucky and murderous. We’ve nearly killed each other before.”

[Torgath is off being inconspicuous as always.]
Ti Corovan: “And the other members of the team?”
Lukas: “He’s around.”

[We discuss what we’re going to do next.]
Ti Corovan: “Valine is a city preceptor. ‘Just grabbing him’ wasn’t viable until you showed up.”
Luaks: “So that’s the new plan.”

[More planning.]
Zac: “Has Roxanne heard about the plan to kidnap a city preceptor?”
Georges the GM: “No, because it wasn’t a plan until it was.”

[Zac is playing Roxanne, the sniper from our B-team.]
Zac: “I don’t do a particularly good job of hiding my… creeping discomfort.”

[Roxanne and Karima have other priorities than the salvation of the world.]
Zac: “Have my cheques from Ti cleared yet?”
Georges the GM: “He pays you in cash.”
Julie: “It clears the moment it touches your hand.”

[Ti informs us of Roxanne and Karima’s recent accomplishment.]
Luks: “How did they kill Jacobi? I thought he was a betabel.”
Zac: “Gumption. Stick-to-itivness.”
Ariel: “Attacking him while naked and lighting him on fire.”

[We discover that Valine will be touring an under-construction airport terminal tomorrow.]
Lukas: “This is the plan: we fly in, load him up, and fly out.”

[We also discover that Krak Bhakir is in town and also going after Valine.]
Lukas: “We take Bhakir with us when we leave.”
Lyta: “Weren’t you just saying we should kill Bhakir?”
Lukas: “Yes.”
Lyta: “…And?”
Lukas: “Ti’s messing with my by agreeing with me.”

[We fill Ti in on what happened in Thebes.]
Lukas: “Our extraction of Layson went like clockwork.”
Ariel: “Because we tired out the GM.”
Brock: “We ran down the clock.”

[And the corollary…]
Julie: “Think we can finish the op tonight?”
Brock: “The longer we wait, the smoother it goes!”

[There is some argument about the last time we met the B-team, aka when Lukas was working with them as part of a slaver ring in the ESE.]
Lukas: “You weren’t supposed to be operating in the south.”
Torgath: “You can’t call dibs on a hemisphere!”
Lukas: “Yes, I can.”

[Meanwhile, the B-team is considering whether they should join on for the op.]
Karima: “I’m a bike courier – I got into cities and bike and deliver documents.”
Roxanne: “Is that what you do?”
Karima: “…I deliver documents.”

[If Roxanne and Karima join us on the op, they’ll probably need to leave the south and join us in the Badlands.]
Ti Corovan: “Any chance you’ve talked it over?”
Roxanne: “Well, we don’t make decisions as a unit.”
Brock: “She’d fit right in in the Badlands.”

[Roxanne and Karima review Ti’s offer.]
Roxanne: “So you’re offering 50k for us to sit back and do nothing unless things go bad? That tells me things’ll go bad.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec will be flying in with our stealth hopper to pick us up with Valine.]
Lukas: “Try to look Humanist when you fly.”
Fennec: “It’s a stealth hopper. How do I fly that nondescriptly?!”
Lukas: “Not my problem.”

[Fennec flies in with the hopper.]
Zac: “How do I do this?”
Georges the GM: “It’ll take some good flying.”
Brock: “You wanted to get pilot to 2, right?”
Zac: (resigned) “Goodbye, assiduously accumulated xp stock.”

[We prepare for go-time.]
Georges the GM: “You guys are working a 4-man team with Dawn. She’s being… professional about it.”

[Lukas gives some final instructions to Dawn.]
Lukas: “We’re gonna have to bring down the POP. Ti will insist we do this non-lethally.” *long, meaningful pause*

[The unstated end of Lukas’ sentence is not lost on Dawn.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Ti may want one thing, and you may want another. As far as I’m concerned, so long as I’m working with your team, I’m working with your team.”
Lukas: (to Lyta) “Are you taking notes?!”

[More of the same.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I take orders from you, not Lyta or Torgath.”
Lukas: “They won’t give orders.”
Zac: “They also may not follow them.”

[We prepare our loadout.]
Lukas: “Have you used a sfika carbine?”
Gabrielle Summers: “Yes. It’s an inefficient weapon.”
Lukas: “Yes, it is. Luckily you’re a great shot.”

[We arrive at the under-construction terminal and get into position. We realize there are some radar sensors that could be deactivated to give Fennec a better chance to fly in.]
Georges the GM: “The radar sensors are about 100-150 feet out.”
Brock: “Can we move them?”
Julie: (resigned) “That sounds like my job.”

[Also in the terminal are a work crew of disguised Emirati, presumably working with Bhakir. We discuss how to deal with them.]
Brock: “Ti would want darts; Radsley would want darts…”
Zac: “Radsley’s not here.”
Brock: “He’s here in spirit. We’re using his codes.”

[Valine arrives with a support crew of four POP and two aides. Roxanne is responsible for getting him unconscious.]
Zac: “This might be a good time to ask… What kinda bullet did you want me to hit him with?”

[We finally encounter Bhakir and, due to a combination of very nice rolls, manage to shoot him out of the rafters where he was hiding.]
Zac: “He’d be much easier to handle with a broken collar bone. Then again, there’s nothing that says that upon retrieval we can’t break his collar bone.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “You’ve got Bhakir.”
Ariel: “Well, we don’t need his tendons, anyway.”

[Having achieved our objectives, the main PCs take off in the hopper along with the unconscious bodies of Valine and Bhakir. B-team exfiltrates with Ti through White Rock.]
Zac: “Roxanne feels confident travelling with the guy with plot immunity.”

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