Friday, March 17, 2017


Betrayal most foul! While Our Heroes (tm) were having meaningful conversations with their allies in Khayr-ad Din, elsewhere in the Badlands another ally was slipping a knife into our backs… and bullets into our assets’ heads.

[We pick up after the White Rock job]
Brock: “So, we have custody over all of Ti’s prisoners, and TI has custody over none of them. This is a situation I like to be in!”

[This will become important later.]
Zac: “Where is our other debrief happening?”
Brock: “Eh, somewhere in the Badlands.”

[We consider doing some preliminary work before we deliver our prisoner to the Doc.]
Fennec: “You expect an interrogation of Bhakir to go more smoothly than—”
Lukas: “No.”

[More on the potential interrogation of Bhakir.]
Fennec: “Who are you thinking of bringing in on this?”
Lukas: “I don’t know.”
Georges the GM: “He lies!”

[We do have an interrogations expert with us. We’re just not sure she’s our friend.]
Fennec: “I thought you were getting along with Dawn these days.”
Lukas: “Well, we’ve agreed not to kill each other.”

[Lukas has sent Fennec to go test the waters with Dawn.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I feel if anything untoward were to happen to me, Torgath might…”
Fennec: “Snap? Kill us all?”

[More on the conversation with Gabrielle.]
Georges the GM: “She showed emotion when you mentioned family.”
Brock: “And that’s why my counter is running.”

[And yet more.]
Georges the GM: “If anyone consults Torgath, he’ll say things are fine.”
Brock: “Which is why we don’t consult him.”

[Fennec reports back to Lukas.]
Fennec: “She already knows you killed her father. How much worse could it get?”
Brock: “I reflect on that for a minute, and all the things you don’t know.”

[Fennec lays out the situation.]
Fennec: “You’re okay that she’s planning to kill you?”
Lukas: “Sure. I’m planning to kill her.”

[Lukas gets a second opinion from Torgath.]
Lukas: “How do you think things are going with Dawn?”
Torgath: “She’s alive and we’re alive… so, good.”

[We approach Khayr-ad Din.]
Lukas: “I wonder what the air defenses of Hotel Bravo are. I imagine limited.”
Fennec: “Wait, what are you thinking?”

[Dawn takes her leave from the PCs.]
Lukas: “Watch out for mind-controlled alien agents.”
Gabrielle Summers: “I always do.”

[We land on the helipad of Hotel Bravo.]
Zac: “Why would the Doc be there in person?”
Brock: “He wants to marvel at our awesome hopper!”

[Indeed, the Doc is very impressed.]
Lukas: *descends from hopper*
Doc Chambers: “How much?”
Ariel: “He knows you so well.”

[Having arrived in Hotel Bravo, Fennec is greeted by her Aunt Fatty.]
Fennec: “You know what they say: you can take the girl out of Khayr-ad Din, but you can’t take out the smell.”

[Aunty Fatty has taken up with an engineer by the name of Trishaw Carmichael.]
Trishaw Carmichael: “Now, I strongly suspect that double-crossing, good-for-nothing Doc…”
Fennec: “Ah! I see you’ve made his acquaintance!”

[Meanwhile, Lyta has meanwhile been pulled aside for a private conversation with the Doc.]
Georges the GM: “We’ll say it’s afternoon, so he pours himself a whiskey.”
Julie: “Would it have changed anything if it were morning?”
Ariel: “Sure. It would be a different kind of whiskey.”

[Also meanwhile, Torgath is conversing with Billy Croyden.]
Torgath: “How are things?”
Billy Croyden: “Things are good.”
Torgath: “Really?”
Billy Croyden: “No, they’re shite.”

[Also-also meanwhile, Bill Pearce, Nicosa Renault’s agent within the Doc’s organization, has taken Lukas for a walk among the dunes.]
Lukas: “You better have shown me something interesting out here.”
Bill Pearce: “You could show me where you keep your Gears locked up.”
Lukas: “Ha!”

[Torgath has coffee with Dawn before her train out of town. They discuss her current attitudes towards the party.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I may never stop hating Lukas.”
Torgath: A lot of people feel that way.”

[They also discuss their own relationship.]
Gabrielle Summers: “So, we’re not good, but we’re working towards it?”
Torgath: “That’s up to you.”
Gabrielle Summers: “I need a little more commitment.”
Torgath: “I wrote you a book, goddamnit!”

[Torgath helps Gabrielle get out of a scrape in which it’s revealed that the NGIS have declared her a rogue agent. She needs to the code confirmed by everyone’s favorite information broker.]
Torgath: “Apparently you’ve been getting in trouble again?”
Jimmy Croyden: “Who’s been spreading lies!?”
Torgath: “It was just a wild guess.”

[Jimmy and Torgath exchange pleasantries.]
Jimmy Croyden: “Are you offering murder? My brother never offers to murder anyone for me anymore.”

[While all of the above has been happening, it turns out that our allies in the desert never made their rendezvous. We go to the scene to find Okran Radsley and Presceptor Layson in shallow graves, each with a bullet in the back of their heads. Detective Gorash is nowhere to be seen.]
Fennec: “This is… looking like Gorash, isn’t it?”
Lukas: *laughs uproariously* “’It’s looking like’.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Well, at least I was right about Radsley.”
Zac: “Very quick to run to the high ground, aren’t you?!”

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