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Plan, plan, plan, that’s all we do. But we got our man in the end. The very, very end.

[We recap where things stand at the start of the session.]
Zac: “Where did we leave off?”
Julie: “We have a stealth hopper. And…”
Georges the GM: “Everything else is secondary.”

[We recap what we know about the various candidates for Comptroller in Thebes.]
Ariel: “We know this guy goes to TDI every day, and we know the dead one is dead…”
Georges the GM: “Yes. We know both those things.”

[More review.]
Brock: “Ti thinks it’s the guy in White Rock. Gorash is the best investigator we know by far and he thinks it’s the dead girl. And Dawn is the most potent NGIS agent we’ve met, and she thinks it’s this guy.”

[We consider what to do with Preceptor Layson. Lukas floats the idea of simply killing him from a sniper position.]
Lukas: “I know this contradicts my position that we’re not assassins, but I was saying we’re not assassins for no good reason.”

[The other PCs are at least willing to consider the idea.]
Lukas: “Here’s the problem with eliminating Layson.”
Lyta: “One of the problems.”
Lukas: “The main problem.”

[More consideration of our position.]
Brock: “I think we need to get Layson out of the Alliance.”
Zac: “I thought you wanted to kill him.”
Brock: “I changed my mind.”
Zac: “Well that’s an event right there.”

[Further exploring Lukas’ new idea.]
Zac: “Why do you want him in the Badlands?”
Brock: “Because that’s where we can debrief him.”
Zac: “’We’?”
Brock: “Doc Chambers.”

[So the plan is a go, right?]
Ariel: “Don’t we already have an abduction plan?”
Brock: “I may have oversimplified that.”

[The good news is, Radsley is on board with our plan to kidnap Layson.]
Fennec: “How do you think this will fly with our other two companions?”
Lukas: “I’m not planning to negotiate with them.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: “Dawn has to be okay with taking him alive.”
Brock: “She doesn’t care. And if she cares, I don’t care.”

[We consider who should approach Dawn regarding our new plan.]
Zac: “What would get more purchase with Dawn: respect, or not having killed her father?”

[Dawn has tentatively agreed to the plan.]
Dawn: “Would you accept my help?”
Lukas: “Yes. In fact, it’s a requirement for the plan.”

[Our history with Dawn has not always been amicable.]
Lukas: “Am I gonna have to worry about you?”
Fennec: “Would she even tell the truth?”
Julie: “We have human perception.”
Georges the GM: “First I have to decide if she’d lie about this.”

[Lukas and Dawn agree to a two-week truce.]
Georges the GM: “She seems like she is perfectly sincere in not wanting to murder you… for the next two weeks.”

[Meanwhile, Torgath has gone to speak with Detective Gorash.]
Detective Gorash: “What’s your interest in all this?”
Torgath: “Not being destroyed by Earth people?”

[With regards to the Earthers…]
Torgath: “Are you okay with being controlled by these people?”
Detective Gorash: “Everybody’s controlled by somebody.”
Julie: “More in the Humanist Alliance than most places.”

[Torgath has offered Gorash to come with us and work as an investigator in the Badlands.]
Detective Gorash: “But… about my boat?”
Torgath: “What would happen to your boat?”
Detective Gorash: “Not much. That’s the problem.”

[Gorash tentatively accepts Torgath’s offer.]
Lukas: “I tell you this because I respect your autonomy: in twenty minutes we’re gonna kidnap Layson and fly back to the Badlands, and you’re coming with us.”
Detective Gorash: “…”

[Detective Gorash isn’t totally on board with kidnapping Layson without evidence.]
Lukas: “I believe in due process intellectually, but practically it’s a hindrance.”

[Gorash agrees to the plan on the condition that he witnesses Layson’s interrogation.]
Lukas: “I have no interest in conducting the interrogation myself – it’s not my area.”
Zac: “Something we learned the hard way.”

[Back to planning! We consider the challenges we’ll face in kidnapping Layson.]
Brock: “HIRA’s fast-response force has probably been moved up to a higher level of alert. But they are down one hopper.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Whether Layson calls the police is irrelevant because they’ll be watching his house.”

[We review where we are so far.]
Zac: “We need a plan.”
Brock: “We have one.”
Zac: “We’re… getting there.”

[We’ve hammered out most of the details of the plan, but not all.]
Lukas: (to Gorash) “You have the option of being on the extraction team. Here’s the limitations: you need to jump out of a hopper and you need to do it in 40 seconds.”
Detective Gorash: “…I think I’ll just wait in the hopper.”

[Okran Radsley has come up with a series of refueling points to get us out of the Humanist Alliance. Sadly, Fennec doesn’t trust him not to hand us over to HIRA.]
Lukas: “Okay, change of plans.”
Okran Radsley: “It’s only been five minutes, mate.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “Damnit, Radsley, why can’t you be more trustworthy?!”
Ariel: “I trust him.”

[And even more.]
Lukas: “What would you do in my position? Would you trust you?”
Okran Radsley: “Of course I’d trust me! I’m the poster-boy for trustworthiness!”

[More on why we might not be able to trust Radsley.]
Lukas: “It seems like our good graces and HIRA’s good graces may be mutually exclusive in some circumstances.”
Fennec: “Like when we stole their hopper.”

[Dawn comes up with an alternate exfil plan, through the Eastern Sun Emirates.]
Georges the GM: “Good part about being in the ESE: it’s out of the Humanist Alliance. Bad part: everything else.”

[The problem with the new plan is that we don’t trust Dawn not to hand us over to the NGIS.]
Lukas: “So, now we have the exact same problem, just with a different person.”

[Torgath tries to get things back on track.]
Torgath: “I think we need to trust the people we work with. They trust us.”
Lukas: “There is no evidence for that.”

[The entire session has been planning to extract Layson, we we’re just about out of time when the game wraps up.]
Ariel: “So obviously we get him out with no problem, right?”

[For the sake of expedience, Georges the GM agrees that we extract Layson, with a few small modifications on the plan.]
Georges the GM: “Gabrielle suggests a distraction.”
Lukas: “Well, you have that in common with Fennec.”

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