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Thrilling fights! Hair-raising escapes! Renewed alliances! And a stealth hopper! Oh, yes, mustn’t forget the stealth hopper. The one that we didn’t steal, because it never officially existed in the first place…

[We pick up with Lukas, Fennec, Radsley, and Gorash in the longrunner that the Emiratis are using as a makeshift holding cell.]
Georges the GM: “The hatch opens. Well, wait, it’s several hours later.”
Zac: “So we’ve got our booby traps set up?”
Georges the GM: “Sure. What have you trapped?”
Zac: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this hatch.”

[Keep in mind that things pick up with Lukas et al several hours later.]
Georges the GM: “We’ll get back to the conversation with Gorash later.”
Zac: “I’ll assume it went badly, so let’s shoot him now.”

[As the hatch begins to open…]
Brock: “I’ve gone over the escape plan with you guys.”
Zac: “I totally listened.”

[Combat ensues with the Emiratis, which was inevitable. One of them shoots Fennec, who comes very close to dying. Lukas downs a hostile and takes his gun, returning fire.]
Georges the GM: “You’ve deep-wounded one of their guys.”
Brock: “I wound but don’t kill?”
Georges the GM: “They’re using low-powered rifles. Otherwise Fennec would be dead.”
Brock: “Fair point.”

[Fennec attempts to return fire, despite being wounded.]
Zac: “I only botch on a 1, right?”
Brock: “Yes.”
Zac: *rolls 1*

[Flashback! We return to the conversation between Lukas, Fennec, and Detective Gorash.]
Detective Gorash: “Mr. Shelby turned me onto a Mr. Bhakir.”
Fennec: “Mr. Shelby?”
Detective Gorash: “Todd Shelby.”
Fennec: “Ah. Todd… Shelby.”

[Gorash discusses what he’s found out about the Emiratis in the camp so far.]
Detective Gorash: “They were involved in a conspiracy to kill a preceptor.”
Ariel: “Which one?”
Julie: “The one that’s dead.”

[There’s a fair amount of time on the longrunner while waiting for the inevitable combat.]
Lukas: *explains the Bear’s webbling network and the Jezebel project*
Detective Gorash: *incredulous look*
Fennec: “I wanted it to come from him because he’s more believable than me.”

[More about the Bear’s network.]
Detective Gorash: “That sounds like a very complicated process.”
Ariel: (pointedly) “Yeah, Georges, it does.”

[A brief but apt description of the Jezebels.]
Lukas: “Think of them as super-soldier ninja assassin spy diplomats.”

[Regarding the conversation that has just happened.]
Julie: “I have never heard Lukas be so clear and forthcoming to anyone, including Fennec.”

[In discussing who among our leads might be the Comptroller.]
Detective Gorash: “I believe the Comptroller is Preceptor Kalin.”
Lukas: “We believe Kalin was a red herring.”
Julie: “We do?”

[Lukas and Detective Gorash plan for their escape.]
Lukas: “If we’re gonna take you with us, we’ll require some assurances.”
Detective Gorash: “That seems reasonable.”
Lukas: “That you won’t turn us in.”
Detective Gorash: “Your records have been expunged. So unless you commit any further crimes…”
Lukas: “That will absolutely happen. It’s assured.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “He’s trying to figure out whether you guys are gonna kill him.”
Brock: “I’m saying no.”
Julie: “Are you sincere?”
Brock: “As far as he knows.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec and Gabrielle have been taken on board a stealth hopper. Lyta has arrived just in time to jump inside as it’s lifting off. She sees four soldiers in nondescript uniforms strapping themselves in.]
Ariel: “Now they’re piñatas.”

[The fight is off to a good start, with Lyta managing to maneuver herself so that two of the soldiers shoot their compatriots with sfika shotguns, taking them out.]
Julie: “I haven’t quite thought past this point.”

[One of the two remaining soldiers unstraps to go deal with Lyta. Of course, there are also a few other important people on the hopper.]
George the GM: “The pilot has come to his senses and starts pitching and rolling.”
Julie: “It’s okay. I trust my balance more than this guy’s balance.”

[Lyta has managed to knock out all the soldiers and the co-pilot. Sadly, the pilot is coming down on a nondescript fishing boat off the coast of Thebes and refuses to divert.]
Zac: “If he crashes, he’s responsible for the deaths of all his comrades.”
Julie: “And me.”
Zac: “What would you rather do?”
Julie: “Not die.”

[Lukas, Fennec, Gorash, and Radsley have escaped the camp, though most of them have been wounded in the process. Also, there are other complications.]
Lukas: “You can’t go back home.”
Detective Gorash: “I haven’t been back to my apartment in a week anyway.”
Lukas: “Yeah, I know.”
Detective Gorash: “…You do?”

[While making their getaway from the camp…]
Zac: “We should take advantage of this opportunity to hose him down with disinfectant.”
Brock: “The thought had occurred to me.”

[Lyta manages to get a message out to Lukas about what’s happening and where she is.]
Fennec: “Hey, Gorash, you got a boat? I hear lots of etectives have boats.”

[Back on the hopper, Lyta has managed to revive Torgath, who in turn revives Gabrielle.]
Torgath: (to Gabrielle, immediately upon waking her up) “Sorry. I didn’t mean it that time either.”

[Gabrielle takes the pilot seat and assesses the situation.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Do we have hostages?”
Lyta: “Oh, yeah.”

[Everyone in the hopper is a little on edge, owing to the half-dozen HIRA troops with assault weapons who have emerged on the deck of the fishing boat.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I assume you’ve come up with a plan while I was out.”
Lyta: “You weren’t out that long, and I spent most of that time making sure the six hostages were hostages and not hostiles.”
Gabrielle Summers: “You could have just said no.”

[Gabrielle pilots the stealth hopper away from the HIRA fishing boat.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Perhaps we do not really want to rid ourselves of this materiel.”
Ariel: (to Brock) “See, she is trying to get herself into your heart.”
Brock: “If she gives me a stealth hopper, I forgive her.”

[Gabrielle is still not certain of her status with the PCs.]
Lyta; “If you don’t wanna work with us, you can land the hopper and leave.”
Gabrielle Summers: “Or Lukas can shoot me.”
Lyta: “…”

[The PCs reconvene with their new friends and their new toys.]
Lukas: “So, stealth hopper. How are we gonna get this out of the Alliance?”
Fennec: “Stealth. Hopper.”

[Lukas has a particular set of priorities.]
Detective Gorash: “What… What are we doing here?”
Brock: “I start unloading guns.”

[The two sets of PCs meet up with their respective allies.]
Lyta: (to Detective Gorash) “I take it that since you’re alive and in my brother’s company that you’re on our side?”

[Torgath obviously has a new alias.]
Detective Gorash: “So, Tony Sandoval? T.S.?”
Ariel: “The last three names I’ve used have been T.S.”
Georges the GM: “Gorash picks up on that sort of thing.”
Zac: “Son of a…”

[Gorash checks out our stealth hopper.]
Detective Gorash: “I assume this is stolen property?”
Lyta: “I’m gonna guess that if you look in the official record, it doesn’t exist.”
Detective Gorash: “That’s an excellent point. On that technicality, I guess it’s not stolen property.”

[Gabrielle and Lukas meet again.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I believe I made the situation more complicated than it needed to be.”
Lukas: “I’ll just add that to the book of grudges.”

[Lukas on the topic of Gabrielle.]
Lukas: “I trust her because she hates me.”

[Torgath on the topic of Gabrielle.]
Torgath: “I probably shouldn’t let her get near me with a knife again. She might stab herself. Again.”

[Lukas isn’t letting any of our NPC allies on their own.]
Brock: “Chaperones for everyone now. These are the most least-trustworthy people we’ve had on the team.”

[Back to business. We start making plans to kidnap Preceptor Layson the next morning.]
Lukas: “There are two ways to do this. One is subtle, one is awesome.”
Torgath: “Does it involve a stealth hopper?”
Lukas: “Yes.”

[We have to decide what to do with Layson.]
Okran Radsley: “Once we have him, how do we turn or intimidate him?”
Lukas: “Well, that’s more your job. Wood chipper?”

[More planning.]
Lukas: “Remember that HIRA is… discreet.”
Fennec: “And your plan is to be so indiscreet as to force their hand?”

[As the session winds down…]
Ariel: “Do you regret giving us a stealth hopper?”
Georges the GM: “No, I think it’s awesome.”
Zac: “How often will we really use this?”
Brock: “Every day.”

[One final thought on the matter at hand.]
Zac: “Ooh, what are we gonna name the hopper?”
Lukas: “The Bounty, of course.”

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