Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tactical Hand Signals

Remember to use these hand signals to add an
additional element of realism to tactical role-play.

I think I saw something

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?
(confirmation requested)

Come out from behind there
so I can spray you with autofire

Speak up, I can't hear you over
the gunfire and screaming

I’m having a hard time seeing
very far without my glasses

Aim for the ass

I can’t reach this pocket
(assistance requested)

I have been shot (fingers
indicate approximate size of hole)

I have a weapon malfunction
(repeat gesture for “again!”
to indicate frustration)

This is my stop

Shut up a second!

I forgot to turn off the safety

Jesus Christ!
They’re shooting at us!

Be quiet for once in your
god-damned lives, already!

I have no idea what's going on



Bearded thug





(indicate approximate breast size)

Boyish, hairless male

I want team A to take up flanking
positions and lay down covering
fire for team B who will be moving
up using bounding overwatch in
order to lay down a beaten zone
until my signal, at which point fire
will converge upon the objective

We’ll wing it

Shit, I think he was on our side

He’ll be out in a minute

I missed because my weapon
was made in Timmins
(indicating stamp)

Sorry, my bad

My (fogged-up) goggles
need a wipe

I brought the wrong ammo
(repeat for "again")

This is what I think of your plan

Those bastards don’t have a chance

Those bastards may have a chance

We don’t have a chance;
let's play dead

Ready (for rock-paper-scissors)

There’s no way I’m going in there

We’re out of here
(faster for "Run away!")

Prepare for clothesline

What, exactly, do
you mean by "lots"?

This gear is heavy; my lower
back could use a massage

Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.