Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been editing some of the labels on older posts and it has occurred to me that some new ones might be in order.

I'd like to suggest that the "NPCs" tag is a little broad, including as it does our retainers, allies, antagonists, and other misc personalities.

So, I would like to add:

Black Hats - Villains, Antagonists, Hostiles
White Hats - Good Guys, Friendly Major NPCs
Crew/Posse/somesuch? - retainers (caravan crew), close allies/friends

Now, to avoid forcing Josh into identifying potential adversaries too early, it might be good to keep the general NPC label as well, or something suitably Western, like "Lone Riders".

Please discuss in the comments and suggest other labels as you please.


Certain Betrayal said...

I like "Old Hat" for the intimate NPCs

I also like the "Lone Rider"

Good clean-up Game Thug.

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