Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cover Up

Grant Sinclair's eyes widened when he saw where he was. He struggled against the wrist-ties and yelled into the gag in his mouth. His nostrils took in as much air as they could, but that only made him ill from the noxious fumes emanating from the Gallows Pool.

"Sorry Sinclair," Miklos Forzi pulled the gag out of Sinclair's mouth, "this isn't personal. It's just business."

"Why?" Sinclair was on his knees, sweating. A handful of goons fanned out, making sure that the usual trashers in the Pit of Khayr ad-Din weren't around. Not that anyone around here would know Sinclair, judging by his haute couture, and good personal hygiene, but it was better to be safe with sensitive matters such as this.

"Your work. It was fantastic. You know the old adage: no good deed should go unpunished." Miklos drew Sinclair up to his feet, and walked him towards the edge of the Gallows Pool. Ten meters below, the toxic stew of trash and chemicals bubbled gently, swirling multicoloured rainbow eddies. Sinclair nearly vomited.

"Look, I can leave town. I can disappear. I won't talk. I won't!"

"Sinclair, if it were up to me, I'd get you on a maglev and send you to the Mekong jungles. But Mr. Forzi has sent me all the way from Wounded Knee to do a job, and that means I do the job. Please understand that I respect and admire your work. You were the best forger I've ever seen." Miklos pushed Sinclair forward off the edge. He fell head-first into the Pool.

"Alright boys, who's hungry?" Miklos turned, straightened his jacket, and walked back towards the waiting car, "It's on me."


Julie said...

"Miklos Forzi pulled the gag out of Harpster's mouth"

Is this a typo (i.e. Sinclair's really a completely different person from Harpster), or a GM slip-up (it's the same person, and Josh was trying to keep the names separate for drama's sake, but accidentally typed the true name just once)?

Heavy Josh said...

Fixed. It was a typo, though it's funny: the guy's name was originally supposed to be Grant Hartley, but I thought that was too close to Harpster from Peace River. For some reason though, when I wrote this post last week, I wrote it with Grant Harpster, and then when I went over it again, I thought I changed all the Harpsters to Sinclairs. Ah well.

Julie said...

This is what "find/replace" is for.

Heavy Josh said...

I do my writing in notepad so I can be 100% about the HTML.

Game Thug said...

And aren't you lucky, then, that Notepad has find/replace.

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