Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting PR back together

35 Spring, 1935


I have given great thought to your request and have decided you deserve the promotion you asked for.

As you know, we have suffered a blow in our infrastructure in the last weeks, but we have also made some valuable new allies. This means a great deal of network building to come. I’ve left Strauss in PR as your liaison to the Saracens. They are going to be an essential part of our new network there. Strauss is the go between, in order to keep the Guild insulated from overt ties to organised crime. Officially, Strauss does not work for the BCG, but he does work for you.

Strauss will work with Laing to build up the Saracens. your job will be to supervise their intelligence so they can grow quickly and hold securely to the Badlands Quarter. On the plus side they are well armed and we have the Forzi business intelligence to properly run the protection racket and other illicit activities. Unfortunately they are short on discipline and intelligence sources. They are to go deeper into drugs, protection and gambling. We can fund their expansion and help with smuggling through the Caravans. We need to establish their dominance there.

Strauss will make sure they learn how to identify potential intelligence sources by vetting their customers to ensnare valuable assets. I can’t stress enough how important this action will. If we want to increase our intelligence capability, one of our best avenues will be to utilise malleable assets through their addictions or vices. It is therefore critically important to know who we are dealing it from the street corner junky to the highest caliber mark who defends his anonymity with extreme measures.

On the discipline side I am sending a couple good mercs from Jarlson’s team in KAD. Their mandate will be to set up proper order in the ranks of the Saracens but also establish a mercenary force for hire which will provide us with another intelligence source. All this will eventually develop a positive feedback where our investment will bring about more revenue allowing us to reinvest into the network and so on. Make sure you also set up some safe-houses independent of the Guild and the Saracens.

On the Caravan side and I am going to make some major pushes on the outside to get us more involved in smuggling. That data should become available to you as my efforts bear fruit. We also have our legitimate business to consider and Paxton should be helping on that front. They obviously owe us an immense debt. I am going to try and get some benefits from our dealings. I am lobbying for more business from them in the Western Basin as well as some cheap criminally confiscated real-estate for you to reestablish the Guild Office, expand the warehouse and the Salon Rouge.

I want you to approach Anna Balacan the day before Peace River hands down her immigration status (I’ll let you know). Tell her we want her to run a new prostitution establishment. She has the skills in management, the business experience and we now hope a certain debt towards you (She must never know about me or Kain) for getting her landed immigrant status. Tell her we will also help with her family. The Salon Rouge should give us more intelligence for obvious reasons as well as revenue.

Another favour I am going to ask from Paxton is for you to have access to the Maglev database. This should give you good business intel on cargo manifests and passenger lists. It isn’t especially secret information - which should make it easier to ask for - but in conjunction with our caravan operations it will give us a birds-eye view of what is officially going in and out of PR. Additionally, it should give you an excellent “in” for working angles on smuggling using the maglev.

I hope to keep lines of communications open with Hitachi and Escobar separate from the normal Paxton Chain of command. On that front feel free to use your own judgement in passing on intelligence which may help them when you come across it, I don’t need to be in the loop for that. Cultivate those relationships.

Lastly, if you can get any leverage on the owner of the Cimmaro so we can get a piece or all of the shop, I would appreciate. It isn’t essential, just sentimental. That’s it for now.

Congratulations on your promotion, now get to work.

Dr Chambers


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