Friday, February 11, 2011

Apples and Trees

31 Spring 1935

Gade found his son behind The Garage staring at the torn apart engine of his track bike. Normally he’d question why his son was avoiding him, but there was something else that needed asking more. “So, have you introduced yourself to the new girl yet?” Gade knew the answer, but was more asking to provoke a response.“Not exactly” Bart was clearly trying to ignore his father, instead concentrating on the alternator in front of him.

“Why not? I thought you’d be happy to finally have a girl around, one your age anyway…”

“She’s annoying, she follows me around everywhere.”

“So what’s your complaint exactly? A girl as cute as that… I would think my son knows better.”

“Pfff, I do alright with the ladies pa… You needn’t worry.”

Gade couldn’t help but smirk, “Oh? Spying on Tessa in the shower is doing alright?” The red in his son’s face begged he go on, “Oh yea, she saw you, I told her if she catches you again she has my permission to get you fixed, I’ll even provide the to….”

“Alright!” Bart Complained. “I’ll be nicer to her. Can we please just stop talking about this?”

With Bart storming off, Gade turned to the alternator his son was working on, reversing a few wires. “Silly boy... I have to teach him everything”


“I know you’re there” Bart could sense her presence behind him. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Tanya Kessler walked out from behind the tool chest, covered in grease from the waist down by what was most likely an oil leak form an engine nobody bothered to clean up. “I’m pretty sure your parents will suspect something when they see your clothes.”

“I don’t like the school here.” She finally replied, standing awkwardly uncomfortable. “Besides, I’m sure I could learn more from watching you anyhow... But is there any chance you know how to get rid of grease stains?” Realizing the size of the stain she suddenly became a little worried.

“Nothing will get the stain out, what you need to do is cover the stain in something more believable... As it happens I know just the thing, but you won’t like it.” ‘Please’ he thought, ‘Please ask what it is.

“I’m almost afraid to ask”

“It’s something my dad taught me.” Having trouble kidding the smirk he felt creeping in his lip he went continued. “But we’ll need a barnaby pie.”


Celina was already home when she heard the front door open. It wasn't particularly unusual that her daughter stayed late at school, or got together with friends afterwards, and Celina wasn't terribly worried... yet. She rinsed her hands, grateful yet again that they'd found an apartment with running water -- a luxury she'd taken for granted in Peace River -- and dried them on a towel.

Then she looked over at the front door and gasped.

Tanya stomped in, covered to her waist in shit. "I don't want to talk about it," the girl grumbled before her mother had a chance to scold her.

"You are not coming into this house like that!" In three paces, Celina had crossed to the front door and stood with her arms crossed over her chest.

Tanya shrugged, and in one smooth motion took off the stained pants and left them in a heap by the door. Then she deftly side-stepped around her mother and trudged to her room, scowling.

"Where on earth were you?!" called Celina to the back of her departing daughter.

Tanya stopped, turned, and glared at her mother. "Field trip," she said firmly, then turned around and stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her. Through the thin walls, Celina could make out her daughter's muffled curse: "Boys!"


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