Friday, May 28, 2010


More gunfights! More intrigue! More... swamps? It must be Heavy Gear!

[Josh the GM has been trying to come up with a way to get Gade out of the action for a while, since his player has left the game due to the birth of his child. For now, he's sending Gade to another nearby city, despite the PCs' protests.]
Brock: "I find this all very convenient."

[It's always good to think through your plans.]
Gade: "If you don't see me again, give this to Bart... Wait, you don't know who Bart is."

[Signs that it might be an interesting game.]
Georges: "Hopefully Sam's in his room and not joined the circus."
Josh the GM and Brock, in perfect unison: "Again."

[As a way of involving me in the storyline, George's character "requisitioned" mine.]
Georges: "Can we assume I told Kain already?"
Brock: "We haven't had an argument about it yet, so let's assume not."

[The first glimmerings of "what have I gotten myself into..."]
Doc (to Maia): "I apologize up-front for exploiting you."
Kain: "That's more apology than we got the first time."

[And the sense of impending doom only deepens...]
Kain: "Most people who worked with us in the past profited."
Doc: "Those that survived."

[Frankly, I just kind of assumed this one.]
Josh the GM: "This is going to go horribly, horribly wrong."

[Ah, double-entendres and the fun you can have with them...]
Kain (to Maia): "I assume your affairs are in order?"
Doc: "That means, 'Are you ready to depart?'"
Kain: "No, it doesn't."

[This one got mind-boggled stares from both Josh the GM and Georges and follows immediately after the last quote.]
Kain: "I just don't want to feel guilty."

[The politics of in-character discussions never cease to amuse me.]
Doc: "I thought we were past the honesty part and were back to the comfortable lying part."

[Doc and Kain are discussing how they're going to integrate Maia into the group.]
Kain: "As soon as we rescue her from the first grisly situation--"
Doc: "Which we will have gotten her into..."
Kain: "Y'know, that rarely matters after the fact."

[Mwahaha, the power, the insignificant power!]
Georges: "I thought we'd had a time dilation."
Brock: "We dilate time."

[We're hit by sniper fire. Kain and the Doc decide to leave things alone and take another route to our destination, as opposed to spending the rest of the session hunting down the sniper and doing horrible things to him.]
Georges: "I think we've grown as people."

[Sometimes, you have to explain away other characters' shortcomings...]
Doc (about Kain): "He doesn't mean to be abrasive, he's just insolent."

[Semantics, semantics...]
Brother Herbertson, a Revisionist missionary: "Are you bringing hope and salvation to the people of Basal?"
Kain: "You mean, 'Am I smiting the guilty?'"

[Shajhalin are the worker-caste of the Eastern Sun Emirates. And so easy to lose track of.]
Kain (contemplatively): "Have we shot any shajhalin? We probably have."

[A roll I've never seen before in 10+ years of gaming.]
Josh the GM: "Roll your 'walk casually.'"

[Some things should just be taken for granted, apparently.]
Brock: "I throw a stun grenade."
Josh the GM: "You have a stun grenade?"
Brock: "Of course I do!"

[Sometimes the game dictates the rolls, sometimes the rolls dictate the game...]
Brock: "He wasn't standing behind a column a second ago!"
Georges: "You didn't roll that horribly a second ago."

[Kain overshot his gun's clip by a good two bullets, but it doesn't matter because his attack rolls missed anyway.]
Georges (as Kain): "Click. Click. No wonder I'm missing!"

[Kain had instructed Maia to bring him a prisoner from the wounded guys in the gunfight. Then the wounded guys were joined by two healthy guys, and everything went to hell.]
Kain: "Ms. Kessler, where's my prisoner?"
Maia: "The situation changed."
Kain: "...I like that answer."

[In the aftermath of the fight, in which all the PCs were wounded...]
Kain: "Don't you feel better now?"
Maia: "Only because of the drugs."

[Discussing the fact that Kain and the Doc got the PCs led into an ambush.]
Kain: "Can you blame us?"
Maia: "Yes."
Josh the GM: "She's got you there."

[Precision is important when you're looking for a trail of blood.]
Doc: "There's blood here... Oh, no, never mind. That's mine."

[Choosing the right word is also important. Silly little phrasal verbs, so many meanings...]
Doc: "Guess who I've run down... run into..."

[Remember that foreboding feeling I mentioned before? It's come back.]
Maia: "If you kill them, you won't get your information."
Kain: "That depends on when you ask them."

[Rule #1 for Kain: Only tell the NPCs what they need to know.]
NPC tailor: "You're meeting the Emir?"
Kain: "Yes."
NPC tailor: "Sounds important. Are you important?"
Kain: "No."

[Yet another one I've never heard before.]
Brock: "We beat a decorous but hasty retreat."

[Fun times picking out guns. Fun times...]
Josh: "Nothing says 'I want to kill you' like a 15 mil round from a kilometer away."

And that's it for this time. Next game, we're off to the Okavango swamp, a war zone wherein we're supposed to convert Emir Rafael Bhravo, "The Boy-King," to our side. But first we need to get out of one war zone and into another. Fun times, fun times...


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