Friday, May 14, 2010

13 May 2010 (Part 1) "I feel like we've been here before...."

Pressed into the altogether insufficient cover of a rubble choked stairwell, Kain Delacroix took stock of the situation.

Across the street and in good cover was some sort of Emirate fireteam.  The rest of their section had just crossed the top of the T-intersection and were undoubtedly executing a flank attack through the ruins to Kain's immediate left.  There was a Jager Heavy Gear laying down some determined autocannon fire from the partial cover of the building corner at the intersection.  Its urban camo paintjob was blackened and scarred by two rocket strikes.

And the magazine feeding Kain's rocket launcher was dry.


Sam Tarmalin, gunslinger and occasional esoteric, had just made a heroic/insane charge into the midst of the bad guys across the street.  Ordinarily, this  is the sort of maneuver that would have ended with Sam nonchalantly re-emerging, leaving a pile of corpses behind him.  This time, however, he suddenly reemerged.  Unexpectedly.  Unfortunately.

Doc Chambers had spent the last couple of cycles serving as a humanitarian here in the Eastern Sun Emirates.  He hadn't picked up a weapon in a number of cycles before that.  His skills were still sharp, but he was clearly out of practice in coordinating his actions with a group of friendly combatants.  15 cycles ago, he would never have elected to lay a heavy stream of suppressing fire on the building that his companion had just entered.  And just as abruptly exited.

Sam felt the bullet enter his body, tearing through the flexible armour just below his right ribs.  It punched out his front, leaving him feeling suddenly weightless.  The doorway made an abrupt shift to the right as he lurched into the wall of the ruin.


With the unhurried and smooth movements drilled into him years before, Kain rammed home a fresh magzaine and sighted in on the Jager.  This was the shot that mattered....


As the Jager stumbled back behind the building, the Doc marshaled his courage and sprinted into the crossfire.  He heaved Sam up and the two of them half-stumbled, half-ran back to cover.


Lying flat on a pile of shattered masonry and carefully peering through a tiny gap in the wall, Kain Delacroix took stock of the situation.

Though temporarily evaded, he was confident that the ESE troopers from the intersection were even now coming up on the party's rear.  In front of them, in a prepared and elevated position, was a crew served machinegun with a sweeping field of fire.  At street level and just a little to the right of the fortified ruin was a group of ESE troops patrolling, supported by an Iguana Heavy Gear.

And they were patrolling in the general direction of Kain's hiding spot.


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