Thursday, May 6, 2010

Raptor PR36

The PR36 is Raptor's conversion of the Paxton R36 Assault Rifle into the "ideal shooting and hunting pistol".  Using the same receiver and bolt operation (but with the handle moved behind the magazine), the PR36 has all the dependability of the Paxton assembly in a more compact package.

 In addition to the basic, "stripped" model with 10 round clip, the PR36 is also available in an assault CQB variant with a compact folding/removable stock, 35 round clip, and tactical rail/foregrip.  A variety of standard attachments may be fitted.

(PR36 shown with outline of Riley 13mm heavy pistol)

The Paxton 5mm cartridge has not been widely embraced due to a perceived lack of power, but, in an albeit over-sized handgun, the damage potential is considerable and compares well with similar "hand cannon".

1.4$$$10, 20, or 35 box152300


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