Saturday, May 22, 2010

Selling guns!

Peace River
Paxton Sales and Marketing
16am, 10 Winter, TN1935

"Kessler did it again!"


"Take a look."

The datapad clattered on the table, and Karly Mullrose flicked it up and into her palm. She dismissively thumbed at a couple of keys and then her eyes widened. On the screen was a little thumbnail picture of Paxton's Head Operating Officer, Milani Dubeau-Slovenski. That meant that whatever else was contained in the datapad was serious stuff. She opened the message.

"...ESE trade mission..." Karly mumbled to herself, scowling, "mercenary contract for demonstration team..." she looked a little puzzled, as Paxton had its own demonstration teams for its products, "discretion and exclusivity..." so Paxton was hiring a private mercenary group to act as a demonstration team in the Eastern Sun Emirates, "please provide Ms. Kessler with material and logistical support."

Karly Mullrose put the datapad down and scowled.

"Kessler's behind this?"

"I think so. This comes all the way from the top," her coworker replied.

"So the little prole thinks she's got what it takes to keep up with the big boys? Fine. I bet you she doesn't last a week," Karly spat, "get me the requisition list, and we'll make sure it's filled to the letter."


Dear Dr. Tomohiro,

I've sent your request to individuals more suited to dealing with it. I have heard, indirectly, that your request to be a "Paxton Arms Sales Consultant", along with two (three?) others has been approved, so long as Ms. Maia Kessler tags along as supervisor. But I don't know the details. Ms. Kessler will provide you with more information.

I am pleased to hear you haven't quite fallen off the face of the planet yet, but maybe you should stay out of the Badlands for a while longer. I've read the report Tom, and it doesn't look good.

Warm wishes,
Helena Hitachi
City Administrator,
Peace River


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