Saturday, May 29, 2010

Invitation to the Mother's Massacre

Address to the People of the East
18 Summer, TN1933

From His Eminence Patriarch Oliver Masao

My dear subjects,

It saddens me to hear that the displays of love that have been so forthcoming from my concubines and wives have been disturbing to some of you and, most especially, to my esteemed advisor Lord Chancellor Tanaka.

I do understand your concern, however. The sight of my darlings fighting tooth and nail to ensure that their son or daughter is the last living heir to my throne can be very troubling for those with sensitive hearts. I have such a heart and I see the injustice of my decision to leave my throne only to my last surviving child. This has encouraged a scandalous round of behavior on the part of my paramours, one that does injustice to the name of Masao and the legacy of the Eastern Sun.

I have hence decided to change, to answer the righteous criticisms of Lord Tanaka and others and to take back my edict. Indeed, it was unconscionable of me to decide who would succeed me in such a limited and close-minded way.

Indeed, what about my many cousins, nephews and nieces? Do they not share the blood of Enri Masao that courses in my own veins? Do they not deserve the right of succession just as much as my own children? Lord Tanaka is right when he calls my previous actions barbaric, because in my selfishness I excluded those who had a legitimate claim to my throne. I intend to change this.

From this moment on, I pledge my throne to the last living blood descendant of Enri Masao. Our glorious founder showed no preference among his children and I see no reason to insist that only my children have claim to the throne -- I am but a steward for the spirit of Masao and it is his word that guides me.

I can only hope that my many cousins will show the same enthusiasm for Enri's legacy that my own children, wives and concubines have over the last few cycles. Their vigor has been a true testimony of love for the East and respect for Lord Tanaka, to whom I have dedicated all my efforts.

May you live in peace.


Certain Betrayal said...

Your first paragraph need work, The current syntax says that Masao is saddened that his wives and concubines are making displays of love to the his dear people and Tanaka. If that is the case, it has no bearing or relevance to the rest of his letter, perhaps you are missing a key word or two that would change the meaning greatly?

Heavy Josh said...

Didn't need work, just forgot a word: "disturbing."

It has been fixed. This post is copied from the first Heavy Gear storyline book "Crisis of Faith", and will likely have some bearing on the situation in two weeks. :)

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