Friday, May 14, 2010


It's a habit of mine in the various games that I play to provide "lines of the night." The general format is that lines with the player's name are out-of-character, lines with the character's name are in-character. Enjoy!

[Josh the GM and Brock have rejiggered all the gun stats for the game, and Ariel is fixing his character sheet. Most of his guns' stats, unfortunately, are lower than they were.]
Ariel: "Man, all my weapons are shit now."

[Something you never want to hear from your GM.]
Josh the GM: "What's your death threshold?"

[Always a classic. I bet this comes up at least once a session.]
Georges: "Well, that went dismally wrong."

[Sometimes, it's good to be the exception.]
Josh the GM: "Everything's exploding. Except for you, fortunately."

[Doc Chambers accidentally shot Sam in the back as he was laying down cover fire.]
Georges (to Ariel): "My wounds hurt less than your wounds."
Brock: "That's because Ariel's have the sting of betrayal!"

[It's gonna be one of those games, I see.]
Ariel: "I thought our mantra was, 'Oh, another ambush.'"

[Sometimes it's the little things that change a situation. Like the presence of a Heavy Gear.]
Doc: "These are manageable odds?!"
Kain: "They were manageable odds."

[The Doc fixes up some of Sam's wounds, but he's still pretty severely injured.]
Josh the GM: "You feel fantast... you feel okay."

[Kain et al are retreating from their ambush. Gotta love semantics.]
Brock: "I continue my retrograde advance."

[Kain is using Gade's grenade launcher. Recall that Gade is the character who's leaving the game.]
Gade: "The grenade launcher is my toy!"
Kain: "You're an NPC now. Shut up."

[Always a sound strategy.]
Brock: "We hide."
Georges: "We hide a lot."

[Maia discovers Sam, and they draw guns on each other. Julie rolls high. Ariel does not.]
Ariel: "I guess I suck that this going first thing."

[It's all a matter of perspective, really.]
Josh the GM: "He's festooned with pistols."
Ariel: "I've only got five."

[This is what happens when you don't take notes as copious as mine.]
Maia: "What's waiting for you in Basal?"
Kain/Brock: "Um..."

[Something you never want to hear from your fellow players...]
Kain: "A whole new generation of child soldiers."
Doc: "No! Fight these impulses!"

[The established PCs are name-dropping famous people from Peace River, where Maia's from.]
Maia: "You know President Simosa personally?"
Doc: "He'll deny it."
Kain: "If he knows what's good for him."

[Kain is placing a rather extensive arms order from Maia, a representative of Paxton Arms.]
Kain: "We need to restock."
Gade: "For what?"
Kain: "For whatever."

[The Doc is trying to get our local liaison to keep his presence hush-hush.]
Ershan, the liaison: "This is highly irregular!"
Doc: "I'm retired."

[It's good to know that there are priorities in this game.]
Brock: "If you have any character goals, you need to add 'acquire hovertank.'"

[Other things you never want to hear from your GM.]
Josh the GM: "If you want to find out how Basal fights a war, just stick around."
Ariel: "That sounds ominous."

[Sometimes it's hard to tell if Sam is meditating or passed out. Or dead.]
Brock: "Is he blinking?"
Josh the GM: "No."
Brock: "Well, it is humid down here."

And that's it for our initial installment of Wordslingin'! Will the party single-handedly fight an entire nation's army? Will Maia and Kain ever trust each other? Come back in a few weeks and find out!


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