Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Infamous around the globe for making shoddy knock-offs of anything imaginable, the city state of Timmins is a larger city state on the savannah south of Zagreb. Really, only a small fraction of the city's 270,000 residents find their employment in the copy-cat factories. The rest are employed in highly diversified light industry or agriculture.

Timmins is run by the Communist Party of the Independent City State of Timmins (CPICST), which is notoriously paranoid. Timmins is also a founding member of the Zagreb-plain based Socialist Economic Pact (SEP), a small economic sub-league which includes the UMF city state of Zagreb and a few minor towns in the region. Membership in the Pact makes its members eligible for preferential trading rates and reduced taxes when dealing with other Pact members.

The presence of the SEP has led to a large increase in smuggling from Timmins northward to Zagreb. This has caused no small amount of tension between Timmins and the UMF. The Forzi cartel runs large scale operations in Timmins under the leadership of Eli Brown.

Timmins has a proud history of resistance to the CEF during the War of the Alliance. The communist city was occupied and brutally suppressed. Members of the resistance, like "Brick" Norita and Ben Cantor are well-regarded to this day.


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