Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snowy Hill

Before the War of the Alliance, the town of Snowy Hill was barely more than a homestead county headquarters with a few services. Its population barely topped fifty souls, with another fifty living in the outlying farms. The town was occupied by the CEF for a brief period, but survived relatively unscathed. Snowy Hill is located in the middle of the Western Desert, towards the equator, closer to the Pacifica Mountains.

After the War, a prospector discovered that Snowy Hill was in fact sitting on top of a massive oil field. Northern Petrochemicals, based out of Petropolis, has since set up an extensive operation in Snowy Hill. An oasis tower was built, oil workers were brought in, and derricks, pipelines and storage tanks constructed. Snowy Hill's oil production is shipped northward via large tanker landships owned by the corporation.

The Sheriff of Snowy Hill is a man named Isaac Nessen.


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