Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From the Diary of Tessa Lin, 35 Summer, TN1919

That gala was cool, but I can't believe how cool it's been to be a mechanic on a gear dueling team. So there's the four of us: Carmichael's this old dude with bad legs that knows engines. He worked for Paxton before the War, and he's always growling or shouting. Seriously, he needs to relax. Anyways, he's always on my case, but he's kinda funny. Natty is Gade's girlfriend. I guess they have something worked out, because she's way too hot for him, and she knows it. She does the electronics and the fire control systems for the gear. I guess she knows her stuff, because Carmichael yells at her less than he does at me. Next there's Peter. He's almost as old as Carmichael, but totally different. I mean, how is it that one guy's such a jerk, and the other guy's so shy? I don't get boys. Peter was this gear racer up North before the War. The Innsbruck Death Track 1000. Yeah. That's like, the big leagues. So he spends most of his time teaching Gade how to duel, but he's really helpful with the rest of us. And then there's me! I guess I do a little bit of everything. There's so much to do, and even more to know. Yesterday Gun lost an arm and a leg in a duel, and now I'm learning about internal structures. Natty wants me to go to school in Peace River so I can ... how'd she put it? "Take everything you've learned here and make some money with it." I help with the gear, doing all sorts of things, like fixing armour, and welding knuckle spikes back on. And I figured out how to beef up the gear's legs. No more pressure juice problems for Gade! I still have to figure out how to fix engines like Carmichael though. He's scary good.

I guess I should say that Gade's doing pretty well. I think he's holding up ok, but everyone can see how worried he is about Natty when she's not looking. I guess when she fell at the gala she wasn't drunk, but no one's saying anything to me about it. I'm just a little girl, right? Grrr. But Gade's doing good in the tournament. He only lost one match, and he's got one more. We just got some spare parts last night...ok, so we just got a new Tiger that we're going to use for spare parts. I think Kain's coming back with some booze. Guess who won't be able to have any? I hate having to travel in groups of four, with a radio all the time. Doesn't Kain remember that I was living in Baja during the War? I don't care how bad those Green Gang Goobers are, they're not CEF.

Oh! Gotta go! We're gonna cut up a Tiger leg and stick it on Gun! Then we gotta do an arm. Maybe Gade'll be more careful tomorrow. But probably not.


Game Thug said...

There's no "group of four" requirement. There is a "pairs" requirement".

Sheesh. Get your facts straight!

Heavy Josh said...

The two teenagers can't travel in pairs alone, so for them there is a requirement to travel with at least two Regulators/Caravan crew.

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