Monday, September 29, 2008

Before we celebrate....

"I am overwhelmingly satsfied with our recent operation. Minimal exposure, minimal casualties, and maximum results is an accolade unto itself, but I want to congratulate you all on a job well done."

Kain made eye contact with the members of the caravan in turn. The recent raid on the Green Gang compound had been a complete success. A little celebration was essential.

"I scrounged around the market for awhile and turned up a case of this fine sparkling vintage for all you refined types, and some of this excellent Trinwood Blue for the rest. Indulge yourselves!" For a Badlander, nothing said celebration like good booze. Good meant expensive, but the payoff was worth the investment.

"Have fun but don't go too crazy. After all, some of you will be standing watch this morning and afternoon," Kain cautioned soberly. "They'll likely want some of their own back." A more hopeful observer might have noticed a twinkle in his eye as Kain continued, "'Course, given the shape their base is in right now, I reckon we've got a day or so!" The chorus of laughter circled around the Hangout in a wave of post-rush relief. Kain raised his class in a toast to the crew, drained it, and faded back as the crew broke into smaller conversations and reenactments of Sam's Gear dance.

Once again, this crew had demonstrated their excellence, their unwillingness to let simple things like reality prevent them from achieving a goal. Kain shook his head, replaying in his mind that moment coming out of the tank hangar. It had been a near thing. A half second slower, and he would most likely have been a dead man. He'd fallen a bit behind in the exercises Koldur had shown him; some more time on the mats with Josephine was necessary.

From across the gathering, Kain could see the Doctor similarly involved in private observation and contemplation. He waited, made eye contact, and then nodded towards the rear exit. He moved casually towards it, and was standing outside in plain sight when Tom joined him a minute later.

"Doc, I've been thinking about our next move. I had this crazy idea. Let me tell you about some fellows I used to know who flew paragliders...."


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