Friday, September 26, 2008

Putting the Casino deal together 1

>date tag: 35 Spring, TN1919<
>time tag: 22:34:11<
>connect from - cell 393A0000334 - Khayr-ad Din <
>connect to - Terranova TransRail Tower #99033AA<

Voice 1: “Doctor Chambers, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

>Voice ID: 86% Alister Granis, Lieutenant, Granis Cartel, Wounded Knee Cartels.

Voice 2: “Hello Mr. Granis, I would like to owe you a favour”

>Voice ID: 89% Dr. Tomohiro Chambers, Badlands Caravan Guild, New Baja Development Company *FLAG --UPDATE FILE*

A.G. “ I believe you already do, but what did you have in mind?”

T.C. “I need to know where, within 36 hours of Kayr-ad Din, I might borrow
a Tiger?”

A.G. “Indeed, he he, I suppose you would wouldn’t you, quite the mess some
idiot’s can make. Well, I may have to ponder this a bit, I take it you need
this information quickly?”

T.C. “You have surmised the situation quite well sir. There was something
else as well”

A.G. “Was there? Tom, I don’t think we are quite that close yet, you may
want to measure out the favours you ask of me.”

T.C. “Actually, I was hoping to rectify that very question, the one of our
intimacy. I would like to share a business venture with you Alistair; one
with considerably greater and faster yields that our current arrangement”

A.G. “…Alright Tom, I think you’ve earned the right to be heard. Oh Tom,
you should know I collect on my debts”

T.C. “I glad to hear that Alistair, as you already know, I am keen on
making sure people get what they deserve”

A.G. “ Ha ha ha, very good, I look forward to hearing what you have in
mind. Come by later Tom.”


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