Friday, September 26, 2008

25 September 2008 Meanwhile, at the Green Gang compound...

"They stole WHAT?" Green Anton's eyes widened in anger as he quickly marched down the corridor, "A Tiger? And the hangar's busted?"

"Yes sir," replied Sandos Orlando gruffly as he followed Anton down to the command bunker, "the Tiger's gone, and three more gears are trashed up pretty badly."

"How many got in?" Anton was already looking over a computer readout in the situation room he had put together.

"Just one, sir," came Sandos' reluctant reply.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard him," Bill West walked into the room, his voice like ice, "we've got footage. It was Delacroix. We just didn't know what we were looking at until afterwards."

"Puta!" Anton swore, spitting on the floor, "get a perimeter going. Make sure we're secure. How many did we lose?"

"Just the two sentries. Knife in the throat, broken neck," Bill shifted from foot to foot, his hands on his hips. He was calm and collected, a very sharp contrast to Anton's agitation, "Delacroix does good work. I'm going to get everyone looking at the vehicles. Taking the Tiger is one thing, but those two guards got killed near the secondary hangar."

Anton's eyes narrowed. His voice dropped, "you think he had time to start playing tricks?"

"Yeah, probably. Hopefully we'll find them," West shot back.

"Good. Try to do a good job, alright Bill?"

"Yes sir," West replied, "oh, and Anton: you know what this means, right?"

Green Anton nodded quietly.


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