Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Stealth Suit Required

The Core tower radiated heat in the noonday sun. The central oasis tower rose up from the trash of Khayr-ad Din and anyone willing to suffer Helios' harsh rays was treated to a spectacular view of the ramshackle trash city from up on the observation deck. Sergeant Eric Grossman, formerly of Les Parachutistes Infanterie Maritimes 21ere Regiment, was braving the heat, gazing out onto the city below him.

"You know," Grossman talked to himself, a habit he picked up during the war, "we need a name. And we need a way into that base."

The paraglider assault was a key component of this scheme Kain and Doc Chambers cooked up. Grossman was being paid well, and that meant that his end of the bargain had to be upheld. The lack of a team name was also a problem. It bothered him that the six of them couldn't come up with a name. Especially since this would be their first airborne strike since the war. It wouldn't be right to go into battle without a unit name. He leaned back against the bench and squinted up into the sky.

"Wow, it's hot. What do they say? 'Mad Dawgs and Norlights go out into the noonday sun.'" Grossman chuckled. He supposed that made him a Norlight then. Before the war, the idea would have been insulting. Now it just made him laugh. He watched the daks circle high in the sky; the ambient temperature meant that the large flying lizards didn't have to flap their leathery wings - there were plenty of thermals to keep them afloat.

Grossman smiled. He just solved both his problems. He just had to get inside before his brain baked in this heat.


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