Friday, October 24, 2008

All we ever do is talk: Part 1

“Kain, I need to get back to New Baja.” Doc Chambers started without preamble. He and Delacroix had been sitting in lawn chairs observing an impromptu ball game that had sucked in a dozen members of the caravan crew. In spite of urging by Karin and Tessa, the newly-dubbed R/C twins, Kain and Tom were quite content to sit it out and play the role of referee on an occasional call.

It was the day following the assault on the Green compound and spirits were running both high and liberally depending on the sport. At the moment, the two spectators were imbibing their spirits along with ice and a tropical Southern fruit juice.

“You know part of why I have to go," the Doc continued, "and you could guess at the rest. I need to talk to Dunn face-to-face and settle some accounts. I also need to talk to Julie.”

“About the casino?” Kain asked before taking a long draft of his beverage. The Doc gave him a non-committal look and Kain just smiled. “Ok, I can’t begrudge you your taste Tom, she is quite the woman.”

Tom smiled somewhat sheepishly from behind his glass, drips of condensation beading down. The moment came and went as a furrow creased his brow.

“I want to take Sam with me, keep him busy you know; maybe a change of scenery will do him some good. Come to think of it, I might suggest that even Gade might want to come?” Tom had fixed his gaze on Natty by this point. The young woman was running to catch a long ball, hands extended.

Kain just looked at his partner for a moment and then let it pass. “Hell doctor, I think I could use a vacation too. Let’s go get out of the sun in New Baja”


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