Friday, October 17, 2008


Slow down.
Breath, breath, breath.
Concentrate on the breath and slow everything down.
In, out, inhale, exhale.
Slower, slower, slower.
Focus and…squeeze.

Careful not to move, not to tense up, the action is over but it is one in a continuous flow.
I adjust my sights, I look closely, inspect the target area and see the contact.


Still breathing, I focus on the breath, on the action as a transient moment through which intent travels on the way to purpose. It is both its own end and a means to another end, like each breath it serves its purpose but is part of breathing which itself is just another part of a greater whole. A fractal image of cause and effect.

Inhale, exhale. In, out. The bolt slides in driving the 10 mm bullet into the breach and out as it slips back to locked position for firing. Smooth as breath, I do not falter, I do not strain, I focus on the target. Focus. Concentrate. Inhale. Squeeze. Exhale.


Slowly each movement flows like a concerto, each action a note, a singular perfection in harmony to create perfection in unison. Concentrate, breath, cut. Slowly end the incision in a flowing arc upwards. Keep the pressure constant, you are the scalpel, its part of you and through it you express action drawn from the inner intent. Move slowly. Move ever so slowly.


Precision is a form of prayer, a meditation which allows the soul and the body to communicate through the act of concentration. Focusing though the sights of a rifle or on the line of a scalpel is one and the same. Center on the intent, on the action, not the circumstance. This is how you get through murdering your enemy from 400 meters or a dear friend from 4 mm.

Breath, breath, slow down and concentrate.


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.