Friday, October 3, 2008

Little to do with nothing

Three Weeks Ago...

"Hear that Tessa, that sucking sound once the turbocharger starts to spool? That's what we wanna hear." Gade and Tessa had been working on Gun's engine for nearly 3 hours. Even Natty had given up for the night and headed for bed. Tessa still wanted to learn more, and Gade of course was only too happy to teach. "The fan could use a little tightening, but don't over do it, it needs to run lose or the bolt will snap."

"So why is it worth putting such a big engine on Gun anyway?"

"Oh a few reasons: more torque means the engine can be pushed a little harder. Also, the adaptable armor Carmichael wants to add will weigh a bit more, but the bigger engine can carry said weight; not to mention the Ram Plate."

Tessa was listening enthusiastically, her liking all things mechanical was uncanny.

"Wait, that's gonna be too tight!"


"Oops..." Tessa had overtightened the bolt holding the fan in place, cracking the whole thing.

"Awesome... Now I'm gonna be here half the night finding a replacement that'll fit an engine this big. See, this is why I told you not to over do it."

"Sorry Gade, it was just an accident. You know I wouldn't do it on purpose..."

"Bah it's my fault for letting you kids around my engine..."

Suddenly feeling unwanted Tessa up and left. She could feel a few tears welling up, but they weren't for Gade to see, not that night, anyway.


A Few Days Later

"Hey Gade!"


Karin snuck up behind Gade, and in response to her greeting his head thumped right into a piece or armor. "Tessa still isn't feeling better so she won't be working with you today."

"Again? That's 2 days in a row," Gade shrugged it off and kept working, "Hopefully she'll feel better soon," Gade felt Karin's cold stare. Apparently he had struck a nerve.

"You know Gade, I'll always believe you've got the best intentions at heart, but you sure can be an idiot at times. She'll feel better as soon as you apologize."

"Apologize, what did I do?"

"You bit her head off for tightening a bolt or something... she was really upset Gade. Look she didn't want me to say anything but I want both of you happy."

"Well I suppose I should have a talk with her, and no, I'll not mention us talking Karin," Putting down his tools, Gade got up from under Gun and started cleaning up. "but tell me this Karin, are you always gonna be this good to me?"

"Well yeah, I already told you, you're a good guy, no matter what they say."

"Heh" Gade shrugged, starting to head towards the Hang-Out. "I may have to hold you to that Kar..." With that Karin was left with Gun, she wasn't really sure what to make of Gade's last comment. 'Probably just Gade being Gade,' she thought.


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