Tuesday, October 7, 2008

02 October 2008 Medical Log

Dr T. Chambers
TN 1919, S35

(Sigh)Attack on caravan compound by mortar fire, two wounded one fatality. KIA: Pankat, Loran, 22…just 22 cycles. Fatal trauma from propelled secondary explosive materials. Probable cause of death was blood loss from multiple points of entry, notably, right carotid artery. He didn’t suffer. At least, that’s what I told his sister. Patient: Lin, Tessa, 18 cycles…Some minor lacerations and haematomas, minor displacement of the femoral, braced with splint and topical dermal trauma treated with standard sealant. She’ll be fine, maybe a bit freaked, but she’s from Baja, she’ll be fine. Patient: Smit, Peter, 52 cycles. Peter took major shrapnel wounds, perforation of the kidney, left lung which subsequently collapsed broken humerus, dislocated right shoulder with possible rotator cuff lateral tear, Right tibia compound open fracture with associated nervous and veinous damage. I’ve splinted the fractures, Knox and I managed to inflate the lung and derma-staple the affected internal organs. I started him up on an IV of anticoagulants to prevent clotting...goddamit it was close! I am so out of practice…Personal note: start working on your damned field surgery skills again doctor.

Additional. Medical File update for patient Salome. Tendon and ligament damage to right hand. Complete loss of use, given the extent of the trauma, conventional plastic reattachment will be futile, full re-growth candidate. Though I hope no one bothers with the bitch.

Medical File update for patient Voneran, Gade. Open subfile on ICD-10 code F19. Found stimulants in his bunk confirming suspicion I’ve had for some time now. He has displayed a psychotic break characterised by anhedonia and severe apathy. Possible atypical personality defect or traumatic relapse. Personal note: Kain thinks he’s feeling displaced guilt, which seems like a pretty good assessment, not suprisingly though, he does have the insight in to the mind of a sociopath. I guess I do have to beef up my psychiatry after all.


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