Friday, October 10, 2008

09 October 2008 Showdown

"I tell you, I've never seen anything quite like it." Malone spoke earnestly; his wide-eyed expression communicating more fully the incredulity he felt.

"We came out of the meeting with them, and the saloon was deserted. I mean empty. Not closed. Cleared out in a hurry, food-still-on-the-stove, drinks-in-glasses-on-the-tables empty. Bushwhacked. Delacroix and his crew, they seemed to know what was up immediately. All he says is, 'You didn't leave a guard outside? Us neither. Oh well.' That's what he said. 'Oh well.' Like, 'I left the fan on. Oh well.' Or, 'Left the lights in the car on. Oh well.' And then it got crazier.

"Two of 'em, the doctor fellow and the dirty one with the huge knife, they went to check out the back. I swear on the grave of my mother, all we heard was shootin', yellin', the crash of bodies, and explosions-- What? Yes, explosions, as in multiples thereof. We heard that stuff, saw some smoke, and then they came back, covered in blood, blackened by smoke, and, may the Prophet strike me down if I lie, literally peppered with shrapnel. Sticking out of their armour, all over 'em.

"And if that...if that weren't enough, while that was happenin' out back, in front, that crazy sumbitch with the revolvers, he's outside facing off against four of them. I couldn't hear much of what they were saying, but what I did hear din't make no sense. Tarmalin, that's his name. He's talkin' and talkin', and suddenly there's a shot. I didn't know at the time, but Tarmalin shot their leader, Bill West, a cold hombre if I ever met one, square in the face from all the way across the road. I didn't get close enough to tell, but I think Delacroix said he shot West through the mouth. Blew the back of his head out. There were some other shots, and then Delacroix charged out, hefted an LMG out of their truck, and opened up. He cut one of them off at the legs. You remember Sonnegan? Like that. Stitched across the knees. Tarmalin killed another, while under fire from Green's sniper, and then Delacroix fed a couple of bursts up onto the roof and it was over. Four of them, totally bushwhacked, and they took out all 7 of Green's top men.

"With no casualties. Tarmalin took one in the shoulder, but otherwise they were untouched.

"When Chambers first sketched in his crackpot ideas, and Delacroix started going on about paragliders, I thougt their whole portion of this op was gonna be a wash. Cracker-jack nutjobs don't belong in the field with senseible folks. But after watching this...being there...well, it puts a bit of a different perspective on it.

"I guess what I mean is, there is no doubt that these guys are crazy. But hell, crazy like a fox."


Heavy Josh said...

Well, when you write it up like that, I'm not at all dissatisfied with the session last night! :D

Certain Betrayal said...

Here, here!

It sounds so good we should play that night again!

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