Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night's session was start-to-finish combat. A botched infiltration job! A stunningly successful rescue job! An attempt to save the world that was... well, let's say that one had mixed results. Still, dice were rolled! Goons were killed! Plots were foiled! It must be time for wordslingin'!

[Cliff's character Strauss has been turned into an NPC, since Cliff needed to return home to the States. Of course, that means there will be certain subtle changes in how his character is handled.]
Georges: "Do we want to get Strauss talking to the Saracens?"
Brock: "An NPC to talk to the NPCs? That will pretty much guarantee nothing will happen."

[There's only one thing rustling paper behind the GM screen can mean.]
Julie: "If he has a map, it means there's gonna be combat."
Josh the GM: "I have many maps."
Julie: "And they usually mean combat!"

[Sometimes you just gotta say it like it is.]
Sam: "Are you saying I'm unreliable?"
Kain: "No... Yes."

[Kain did a really half-assed job at trying to convince a guard he'd been locked out of a building. Thankfully, the guard rolled even lower.]
Josh the GM: "He shoots the lock."
Kain: "That seems wildly inappropriate... but thanks."

[Just generally logical sense.]
Georges: "While it had stopped shooting, it was never running out of bullets."

[What happens when party motivations differ.]
Georges: "We advance. Cautiously."
Brock: "But enthusiastically!"

[Kain's modus operandi for people he doesn't need to interrogate.]
Brock: "I do whatever I think will cause them to fall into the most pieces."

[Never ask this question. It's right up there with, "What's the worst that could happen?"]
Josh the GM: "You're pushing forward? Really?"
Brock: "Yeah. How many of them can there be?"

[Maia takes a serious gut wound. And clearly, I've been watching too much Deadwood.]
Maia: "They shot me! That really hurts! Cocksuckers!"

[Maia takes a serious gut wound.]
Maia: "I think I got blood on this fancy duster you got me, Doc."
Doc: "It's okay, that's what they're made for. You can wash it."
Kain: "Wait, the blood's on the wrong side!"

[There's a fine, easily-crossed line between boldness and stupidity.]
Brock: "I try to catch the grenade and throw it back up."
Josh the GM: "And this, kids, is a cautionary tale."

[Difference of perceptions? Or just delusional? You decide!]
Georges: "It's been a long time since we've bungled an attack this badly."
Brock: "What are you talking about? We're winning!"

[Georges' expression here was really priceless. I wish I had a camera.]
Brock: "We just have to wait for them to run out of grenades!"
Georges: *facepalm*

[Stuck in a dark tunnel, beset on all sides, the party surveys their options.]
Doc: "What would you do if you were in their position?"
Kain: "I'd dump nerve gas on us."
Doc: "I'd do way worse than that."
Sam: "Is it time for gas masks?"

[Sam is really good at gunslinging, but even he has his limits.]
Kain: "We're protecting you."
Sam: "From what?"
Doc: "Yourself."

[Last night was a night for grenade throwing. Sometimes it was particularly effective. Sometimes... not so much.]
Brock: "I fire a concussion grenade."
Julie: "'Cause that worked so well the last time!"
Brock: "66% of the time, it's worked excellently."

[From the department of running jokes.]
Georges: "We can hold out 15 minutes."
Brock: "What do you mean, 'hold out'? We're winning!"

[Kain has an excellent idea for getting to our destination faster. It's also suicidal.]
Maia: "You can't possibly want to fly the hopper inside the tower?"
Kain: "Yes, we do."
Maia: "You're insane!"
Kain: "That may also be true."

[This seems to be always the case.]
Doc: "We only have one bomb and so many targets."

[Doc is planning on dropping a bomb through a building's skylight.]
Josh the GM: "You get one shot at this."
Brock: "That's not true."
Ariel: "Don't roll a one or we all die."

[An ultimatum you rarely want to hear from your GM.]
Josh the GM: "Do something fucking cool, or else."

[They made me put this in, I swear.]
Georges: "Huh. Samsonite."
Josh the GM: *looks confused*
Georges: "It's a suitcase bomb, right?"

[Georges drops the bomb on a Gear that's attacking the police precinct.]
Ariel: "Are they distracted?"
Josh the GM: *nods slowly*
Ariel: "Is the building still standing?"

[Kain takes a wound in the arm.]
Ariel (as Kain): "Oh, my fibula!"
Josh the GM: "Isn't that tibia?"
Ariel: "There's tibia and femur, but I didn't want either of them to be broken, so I made one up."

[At the end of some phenomenal gunplay on Sam's part, in which he takes out over a dozen guys in about a minute, all while climbing five stories.]
Sam: "Sorry, I would have left more for you guys, but we're kind of in a rush here."
Lt. Escobar: *stares slack-jawed*

[These sorts of things happen when you're around the PCs.]
Sam: "By the way, Doc, he's missing a hand."
Kain: "It fell off."

[Sometimes it's important to get your semantics right.]
Kain: "Okay, cops, we're gonna be flying-- crashing this hopping into the tower."

[There are important questions that needed to be asked. Ideally before you fly the hopper into a gigantic structure.]
Brock: "I assume the windows are made of bulletproof glass."
Georges: "But are they made of hopper-proof glass?"

[We decide to take Lt. Escobar with us and leave his six subordinates to guard Donovan Harpster.]
Georges: "One named NPC is definitely worth six nameless cops!"

[Sometimes you gotta maintain consistency.]
Brock: "Speculative grenade throwing: it's never a bad idea."
Josh the GM: "I'm glad that principle still holds."

[Sadly, there is a flaw in this logic.]
Julie: "That's when you were all posing as PaxSec agents."
Brock: "What do you mean, 'posing'? We were doing PaxSec work, therefore we were PaxSec agents!"

[I just want the little things in life.]
Josh the GM: "Is that what you want?"
Brock: "I want all the power and none of the responsibility. As always."

[An epic chase scene! Well, kinda.]
Josh the GM: "You're moving as fast as two minorly-wounded individuals can go."

[I get the sense this party is used to dealing with things quickly.]
Ariel: "So... Xiphos. Is she dead or not yet?"
Josh the GM: "Not yet."
Ariel: "Well, what's taking us so long?!"

[We try to blow up an airlock door. It doesn't work. For less-than-satisfying plot reasons.]
Ariel: "Is there any hole in the door?"
Josh the GM: "No."
Georges: "Except for the giant hole in logic!"

So that's it for this week. Next week, the final showdown! Maybe! See you then!


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