Friday, January 7, 2011

Playing for Keeps 2

Forzi villa Compound
Pacifica Mountains
Near Peace River, 28 Spring, TN1935

The hopper touched down perfectly; the evening breeze was too light to cause any difficulty for the pilot. One woman stepped out onto the tarmac, and walked past the guards waiting at the entrance to the compound.

"Ah, Ms. Gabriel," Nicolai Forzi looked up from his dinner as Sundra Gabriel entered the room. His wife smiled tightly, as she fed her two toddlers, "how nice to see you."

"Nicolai, who are these people?" Sundra Gabriel produced an envelope a pulled out three security camera photos. She passed them to the head of Forzi cartel operations in Peace River, currently under house arrest by the Badlands Revolutionary Front.

Nicolai slowly put down his spoon, wiped his hands on a napkin, and picked up the pictures. He smiled, putting them down on the table.

"Ah. You've gone and made real trouble for yourself. You shouldn't trifle with those gentlemen."

"And why is that?" Gabriel kept up a cool fascade.

"Because they operate much like you do. Either destroy them completely, or they will destroy you." Nicolai let a hint of a smile play on his face for a moment.

"Thanks, Nicolai. Now, I have some bad news. I've decided to end the Forzi cartel's direct involvement in Peace River's criminal activities." Gabriel drew her pistol and shot the Forzi boss in the chest four times. There was a second's silence. Nicolai's wife screamed. A BRF guard gunned her and the toddlers down. The noise was deafening.

Sundra Gabriel didn't miss a beat. She turned and headed back to the hopper, jamming her pistol back into her holster.

The force of the bullets had made Nicolai's body slam against the back of his chair, and then topple forward. His blood was splattered over the pictures of Doctor Chambers, Kain Delacroix, Sam Tarmalin, Maia Kessler and Robert Strauss.


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.