Friday, January 21, 2011


Tonight, at long last, saw the end of our current module, The Paxton Gambit. We got to kill a lot of guys, and Kain killed a man by ripping his throat out with his bare hands. So success on all accounts, except that one of the terrorists we really wanted alive committed suicide. That said, it's onwards to Wordslingin'!

[The head of PaxSec is discussing our imminent invasion of a major terrorist headquarters.]
Kain: "Wait a minute. Why are we doing this again?"
Doc: "I haven't agreed to anything."

[Sometimes, it's all about outright taking what you want.]
Kain: "We need another hopper."
Col. Lenaris: "I really can't lend you one."
Kain: "Okay, we need to commandeer one."

[Note to self: we're not actually playing D&D.]
Sam: "Do you have any of the blue alcohol?"
Doc: "A healing potion?"
Sam: "Well, it sometimes has that effect."

[This is where all plans fail.]
Georges: "They'll never expect us to come through that hole of death a second time!"

[How not to underestimate your enemies.]
Kain: "I'd like to send a couple of Gears through the roof."
Doc: "...They probably won't see that coming."

[When you're talking about PCs, quality is more important than quantity.]
Sgt. Vincent: "I don't have any pilots who can handle that drop."
Sam: "I can do it."
Sgt. Vincent: "Only one?"
Kain: "It's all we need."

[Ah, the happy cocoon of an enclosed cockpit.]
Doc: "I'm of two minds on the Gears. They're obvious targets, but they're way better than medium flak."

[Strategic planning... after a fashion.]
Georges: "Nagasaki didn't require a pincer maneuver."
Brock: "If we had an atomic bomb, we wouldn't either! [beat] Can we have an atomic bomb?"

[I never could get the hang of Thursdays.]
Doc: "It must be Saturday. We do this every Saturday."
Kain: "It's Thursday."

[When falling down in a 9-ton Gear, it's good to land on something soft.]
Georges: "Any soft infantry I can land on?"

[This is going to end badly, I know it.]
Josh the GM: "Someone's firing anti-tank rockets at you."
Georges: "Fools! We're Gears, not tanks!"

[It was one of those nights that my dice just weren't cooperating.]
Julie: "I roll high on initiative, low on dodge. I'm first to fall down!"

[It's nice if you can remember your skills. If not, wing it.]
Georges: "I roll 6 on seeing people... viewing... notice!"
Josh the GM: "You notice you need a thesaurus."

[We deal lots and lots of damage.]
Doc: "So this is what it feels like to be on the other end of the auto-machine gun in the corridor."
Kain: "Fun times."

[Paranoia. You can never go wrong with paranoia.]
Ariel: "So there's no more Gears left?"
Josh the GM: "No more Gears left."
Julie: "For now."
Brock: "That we know about."

[Did I mention we deal lots and lots of damage?]
Josh the GM: "Casualties are pretty light."
Julie: "On our side."

[Lots and lots and LOTS of damage!]
Brock: "Nothing responds to a situation like overwhelming firepower."
Georges: "Overkill is underrated."

[We find out there's gun-fighting near Hiro, who we're supposed to be protecting.]
Kain: "Surely somebody's guarding her. Surely."

[We reach a security desk.]
Julie: "Should I roll hacking?"
Josh the GM: "Sure. It helps that you actually have the security clearance for this."

[Ariel's job was to have Sam stand in his Gear and absorb incoming damage.]
Ariel: "I'll dodge."
Georges: "No, you're gonna stand there and take it in the face like a Gear."

[Sometimes this is true. Sometimes.]
Georges: "We have a Gear. We win."

[It's important to know what your goals are.]
Doc: "You are recording this for purposes of posterity and future blackmail?"
Kain: "And to get accurate representations for our statues!"

[Did I mention Sam's role was to absorb damage so it doesn't hit the rest of the party?]
Georges: "Sam, roll to not dodge!"

[There was a minor disagreement at the table about the storm-wall around the city. It was resolved. Ten minutes later...]
Josh the GM: "Brock, are you still looking up the storm-wall?"
Brock: "I..."
Georges: "Guilty as charged!"

[I get the feeling the other PCs like picking on my character.]
Kain: "Maia can kill the unarmed technicians."
Doc: "Only if they beg for mercy."

[Interrogation, Kain style.]
Kain: "Don't heal his wound! We might need it in a minute!"
Doc: "No worries. [rip!] The wound's open again!"

[Kain rips out a man's jugular with his bare hands.]
Josh the GM: "Take a Dark Side chip. I'm making it up right now."

[After Kain rips out a guy's jugular with his bare hands.]
Kain: "I don't know why you guys are upset. The next guy is definitely gonna talk!"

[Well, it's one way of measuring success.]
Josh the GM: "No one dies. Excellent."

[Never, never say this.]
Georges: "You'll be pleased to note I've just used up all my fumbles for tonight; there will be no others."

[Martyrdom or foolheadedness? You decide!]
Brock: "I have one chip left for the whole group."
Ariel: "No, it's okay. I blow myself up."

[We're trying to secure a nuclear reactor's control room when hostiles charge in.]
Georges: "How many targets are there?"
Josh the GM: "It's a target-rich environment."

[This is sometimes good advice. Sometimes.]
Doc: (to Sam) "Don't think. Kill."

[We're following the main villains through tunnels and ducts.]
Josh the GM: "It's taking hours."
Brock: "We don't do anything that takes hours!"

[All night, I was declaring that my low rolls were "mighty."]
Julie: "I rolled a 3. It's not even a mighty 3."
Georges: "If we're making qualifiers, I rolled a confused 6."

[Sam's a super-awesome gunslinger.]
Ariel: "I silence-kill all the BRF people."
Josh the GM: "Roll it."
Ariel: "Do I have to?"
Josh the GM: "On principle, yes."

[Exposition? Monologue? Bah! Who needs it!]
Ariel: "Boring conversation anyway. I shoot her."

[It's good to know we're all paying attention.]
Kain: "My friend could kill you where you stand and probably keep the hostage alive."
Sam: "You mean me, right?"

[Negotiations, Doc style.]
Ormand, a major antagonist: "So you're gonna put down your guns, and I'm gonna put down my gun?"
Doc: "More or less in that order."

[Just when you think the main terrorist is down and out, you realize you guessed wrong.]
Ariel: "I guess she killed them off-handed. Without a gun."
Brock: "Damn, she's bad-ass!"

[Some people are just never happy.]
Julie: "Last week you were upset that she lived. This week you're upset that she dies..."
Brock: "Her death does not serve our purpose."

[It's sad when this is a true statement.]
Doc: "Please go back to the civil war, where it's safe."

[And, from the department of running jokes...]
Maia: "Doc, your office manager's awake."
Doc; "What was wrong with the coffee maker?"
Kain: "I didn't know the fax machine had fallen asleep."

[Trevin Vemeer, office manager for the PCs, is still in the hospital, but no longer comatose.]
Trevin: "Doctor, come closer. Closer...closer..."
Doc: "Yes Vemeer?"
Trevin: "I have important information to relay to you. Come closer."
Doc: "Yes Vemeer?"

And that's it for this week. Join us next time when the PCs will be well and truly out of Peace River and back in Khayr-ad Din, where they're big shots, and Maia is way out of her element. See you then!


Certain Betrayal said...

[After using a bullet in the stomach as part of an interrogation]
Doc: Use gut persuasion, (Throwing Maia a querying glance)
Maia: (defeated)I can’t believe I’m saying this but in this circumstance I'd say
Kain: (Consolingly) If there were ever a big picture good-guys moment it
would be during a nuclear meltdown.

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