Friday, January 14, 2011

You Should See the Other Guy

"And you'll have to check the airlock at junction Theta-7. It's been blown," Lt. Fenton Escobar muttered.

"Blown?" the PaxSec agent clad in his imposing black body-armour managed to ask without sounding too incredulous.

"Yes, agent. Blown." Escobar stalked off back towards his current companions.

The Industrial Sector rail platform near the Warrior IV production line had been turned into a closed PaxSec security zone. As Kain, Tom, Sam, Maia and Fenton had exited the production line, a small command car had arrived, disgorging a surprising number of PaxSec agents. They set up a perimeter and had questioned the group about how the known SRID operative Yolanda Ormond had escaped.

The mild interrogation over, there were at least ten minutes of respite to be had for taking stock. Escobar gave a grim nod to Kain as he looked over the motley group. They were all wounded, and covered in grime and blood.

Maia was pale. Doc Chambers had staunched her belly wound, but it was clear that she was holding up through sheer force of will and the generous application of pain meds, antibiotics and stim patches. Nevertheless, she busy checking her electronic equipment, making sure everything was still functioning despite the events of the last hour.

The Doc wasn't much better off: his leather duster had holes in it, and the flak suit underneath was punctured in at least two places. Still, he had stripped his rifle, and was meticulously cleaning every part.

Sam didn't seem to have suffered any new injuries, though his duster and flak suit were peppered with shrapnel. His eyes were closed as he sat, leaning back against the wall. Escobar shook his head in amazement, recalling the carnage that Sam had caused climbing the stairwell in the police precinct. The New Baja Kid had lived up to his reputation. How could he be meditating now?

Escobar looked over at Kain, who was busy slipping 30mm grenades into a small bandoleer. The big ex-soldier had a polymer splint bracing his upper arm, and had been shot at least a half-dozen times. His face was bruised, his eyes were bloodshot, and he had a nasty gash on his cheekbone. There were glass shards embedded in the thick hide of his duster. But Fenton only winced after he saw the deep lines on Kain's face and the bags under his eyes.

"Kain, you need a vacation."


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.