Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warm Welcome

35 Spring, TN1935
Khayr ad-Din

"Well miss, this is where we part ways. My caravan's heading down to Westphalia now." Brian Senovo smiled and handed Celina and Tanya their luggage.

"Thank you Mr. Senovo," Celina extended her hand while Tanya looked around at the front lot of the Badlands Caravan Guild office in Khayr ad-Din. She smiled as the two adults shook hands, and then hefted her bag over her shoulder.

"Now," Brian turned to Tanya, winking, "don't let me hear that you've been causing yer ma any trouble, got that?"

"Yessir!" Tanya replied earnestly.

"Good, now, that's the man I contacted while we were en route," Brian nodded over to where Ben Cantor was standing with two other men, and a woman, "they're friends of your wife's, from what I'm told."

"My wife?" Celina began.

Brian smiled and returned to the small truck he had rented to personally make this delivery. The engine growled as he drove off, leaving the pair standing amid a junk lot located in the middle of the trash city. The air was heavy with the smell of, well, garbage, though mother and daughter had already discussed withholding judgment until they were properly settled. Celina slung her bag over her shoulder and walked towards the main building. Ben and his companions met her halfway.

"Celina Kessler?" Ben smiled warmly.

"Yes?" came the cautious answer. Celina eyed the extremely large, dark man next to Ben who looked too damned much like a GREL for her comfort. She also noted that each person was openly carrying a firearm, something which she realized she might have to get used to coming from Peace River.

"I'm Ben. This is Josephina, Peter, and Sid."

Celina smiled at each of them, noticing that they all were particularly enthusiastic to meet her.

"You must be Tanya!" Peter chuckled. "You look just like your mother!"

Not missing the opportunity, Celina preempted her daughter's reply, "oh, you know Maia?"

"Yes ma'am," Josephina replied solemnly when Peter hesitated, "she was with the Doc, Kain and Sam when they all up and rescued us four from the Emir's palace in Okavango. Right brave thing of her to do. Your wife's good people, ma'am."

Celina stood, dumbfounded.

"C'mon, lemme take those," Sid grunted, brusquely grabbing all the luggage and lifting it over his shoulder with little difficulty.

"Whoah," Tanya blurted. "Mister, how'd you get to be so big?"

"Now that," Ben cut in, "is a good question. The local ranchers are complaining 'cuz Sid here's been known to eat an entire barnaby in one sitting."

"Tanya, that's not polite," Celina admonished, though she was smiling.

"That's ma'am," Sid grinned as the group walked into the Guild office. He leaned down and hefted Tanya onto his other shoulder, "I eat barnabies, and wrestle gears!"

"Aack!" Tanya squealed, "put me down! Put me down!"

Peter shook Celina's hand, "welcome to Khayr ad-Din, Celina. Welcome home."


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